Accident Prone!

Here I am wearing a cute sweater dress from Benetton, flats from Zara and a lovely leather jacket from H&M.  About 2 minutes after this photo was taken, I went to bring my puppy Albi inside, set foot on my balcony...SLIPPED and landed with a crash on my whole left side of my body!! It was SO sore!!

My loving boyfriend Jonathan took these pictures of me crying! Sorry you can kind of almost see my bum in the first one but hey, hahaha!

Albi came over to try and console me...

Jonathan thought this picture was "cool". Never mind the fact that I was in terrible pain and bawling!! :/ Aren't boyfriends thoughtful!

Ha ha, I suppose that's what I get for being such a poser ;) 

Stay Stylish!



  1. aww hes so mean, but Jeff trumps him on the meanyness, he laughs and mimics me but its cool I just hit him :) luckily you didnt fall over the balcony - Jonathan would have had tons of footage then lol

  2. I do not think bad things come in three.
    I think it would not of happend if your mum didn't say that to you. I guess you could say she confessed it on you?
    Just my thoughts...

  3. Tell Jonathan that Albi kisses healed you and he needs to put the camera down and give you lots of hugs. Poor you, you look so sad in the pictures. :( LOL what a big meanie. XOXO Charlote


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