The Skinny Belt

Sorry I haven't made a video in about a week's time...I was sick all of last week with this awful neck/back pain and I have no idea why or what it was!  It just kind of disappeared about 2 days ago.  Before that it was so painful and I couldn't get to sleep most nights   I wonder what caused it?  

This is a pretty casual outfit, as opposed to the last one I wore featuring a skinny belt with a pencil skirt!  Here's what I'm wearing:

Brown leather skinny belt from ASOS
Navy blue cardigan from Benetton
Light blue shirt from Kookai
A blue vest underneath
Brown leather vintage Nina Ricci watch
Gold disc earrings from Diamonds & Pearls
Navy blue ballet flats from Accessorize

I'm always being asked to write what make-up I'm wearing for the day but I never do it because it's always the same!  If you want to see my routine, check out my Updated Face Tutorial video...that's basically what I do everyday.  Today the only difference is that I am using Rimmel Airy Fairy lipstick, which was given to me by my good friend Cynthia. What do you think of this outfit and lipcolour?  Leave a comment, let me know!

Stay Stylish!



  1. You are just gorgeous! :) And the lipstick picture is a killer! :)

  2. HA! Airy Fairy is my favorite and always in my purse. :) Cute outfit.

  3. ok so like for real when are you coming back to the U.S we need a Fashion / Makeup Haul extravaganza

  4. Hi Anna, I guarantee that your back and neck pain is coming from sitting at your computer too long. I work alot on my computer and I have the same problem. Maybe get a better chair or position yourself better when you are on your laptop. Good luck!

  5. iiii love your blog! you are ridiculously gorgeous! and this is a fun styling post ^_^

    xo tiffany

  6. i love it, the skinny belt really completes the outfit!

  7. I love the combination of lue and brown.. You look great :)

    Check my fashion blog :)

  8. What's so wrong with red hair?!

  9. hi anna , always look forward to your videos!



  10. anna i luv ur blog and the way u update regularly! xxx

  11. It looks fabulous, these blue shades are great on you as well! And another compliment for your haircolor, I really think this is perfect and so harmonious.

    I totally tend to forget about belts too.. :/ well, maybe this helps to make me remember and wear them from time to time!

    Now I look forward to the video about thick belts too. Because.. I was quite shocked thick belts seem to make me look much bigger, now maybe it was because of the outfits I was pairing them with, but it really made me look sooo much bigger than the skinny belts which I then chose instead. For reference, I'm 5'2, slim, pear shaped.
    I dunno why it didn't work, but I sold it and now only have medium sized and some thinner belts.

    Have a great weekend xxx

  12. you're stunning!
    love your earrings too
    great blog! really enjoy reading your posts
    stop by some time xx

  13. Hej Anna, I like the way you match brown and navy together and i love the marin :) nice videos, im traveling today it was great tips in your video how to pack smart but i go with leggings insted of jeans. i hopw u understand my bad english, take care!

  14. You've got such great style. Love it!!!!

  15. I love your hair style. Will you do any video sometimes?

  16. where are jeans from?


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