Oversized Tee

Here's what I wore today.  I was totally channelling an 80's vibe through my look, as I wore a leather jacket and oversized tee.  The t-shirt is SO cute, it's from Zara and it's got a picture of a dog going from wet hair to being blow-dried to being a big poof ball and says the words "Circle of Beauty" on it.  It reminds me of Albi after we bathe him!

So here's a breakdown of what I'm wearing:

Acid wash jeans from Zara
Black leather jacket from H&M
Black Fornarina boots
Basic grey tank top from ASOS
Silver cuff from Newbridge Silver
Black disc earrings from my Italian friend, Claudia

I just got home from a looooong meeting, that's actually the reason we left my mom's house so early...I am now super excited to announce that I am working with Elite Model Management!  I will be announcing a very exciting project in the next few days in a video...so watch out for that.  It's going to be a busy summer!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Congrats, Anna! Can't wait to hear more!
    Cute outfit. I love being inspired by different times...I bet Dulce Candy would rock this outfit with you! 80s isnt really my thing but you two can both do it. I channel the 50s and 60s moreso.

    Anyway, congrats!

  2. wwwwwow thats so exciting you're working with elite!!
    so this means your going to model and all now??

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