Albi's Last Baby Tooth!

Ohmigod!!!  Look what I found when I was changing the sheets today!  It's Albi's last baby tooth!  He lost all his baby teeth except for this little one which was hanging on till the last minute.  We were waiting for it to fall out and then one day it was just gone.   I thought he'd swallowed it by mistake or cute is this?!  I'm keeping it forever. What do you think...gross?  Cute?  Funny?  Dumb?  Let me know.



  1. ADORABLE!!! One of my dog's canine was not falling out either and he had two canines until he was about one and a half years old. I would have totally kept his tooth if I found it after it fell out. Keep it! A tangible memory of his childhood =P.

  2. aaaawww...
    my mum still has all the baby teeth from my first dog...
    so keep them... =)

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaawww... you are adorable. :)

  4. I thought about keeping my dogs baby teeth, too. All in all I kept three little teeth in a cute little wodden box with the label "my baby teeth".
    So cute!

  5. Super cute! Definitely do keep them!


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