How To Wear Harem Pants

A lot of people think that these are difficult to wear, especially if they are pear shaped but pair them with  some killer heels and opt for a high-waisted style and your legs will look super long and slim.  If you're still not sure, pick a more structured style with less volume at the top.  These are more slimming than the extra baggy types.  

What I'm wearing
Harem pants: Whistles 
Tank top: ASOS
Leather jacket: H&M
Peep-toes: Saint Tropez
Necklace: Saint Tropez

Let me know if you like the look!  Is this something you would wear?

Stay Stylish!



  1. you look super chic!

  2. you look amazing!
    Don`t worry about negative people bcoz there are lots more who truly like your blogs and youtube!

  3. Anna you look great in everything you wear, don't think I could pull off harem pants! x

  4. You look gorgeous! I love the look!
    Especially because I work in an office as assistant - the look fitts perfect!
    Thank you for inspiring me!

  5. I love your videos - so helpful!

  6. they looks really good on you :)

  7. how cute are you?! Lovin your blog:-)

    Ok so I do think that those pants look good on certain people, BUT I think I will stay away from this style. Reminds me of MC Hammer pants back in elementary school, I'm still traumatized lol.

    Have a greay week dear:-)


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