Back To School Shopping With Erika

How cute is Albi pulling all his toys out of his crate?!  Ha ha ha!  Every evening before bed I put all his toys away and every morning when he wakes up he pulls them all out again...  Yesterday I spent the afternoon shopping with my little sister, Erika!  It was so much fun, as both of us start school (kind of) at the same time, we went shopping for supplies.  It was her first day of secondary school yesterday morning and I start make-up school next week!  This is a current favourite outfit of mine as it's so comfortable.

What I'm Wearing:
Long grey cardigan - Primark (similar style by Phase Eight here)
Black tank top - In Wear (similar style by La Redoute here)
Black jeggings -
Black flats -
Silver cuff - Newbridge Silver (similar style here)
Black studs - Vero Moda (similar style by Miss Selfridge here)
Grey tote - Pomegranate Boutique, purchased in TK Maxx (similar style in black by Claudia Canova here)

The Gap were having a special Back to School offer where you get €10 off a hoodie of your choice, using a voucher we received two weeks ago.  She opted for a turquoise zip-up one which I think suits her so well!  She was torn between this colour and the navy blue, which was also really cute on her.  What do you guys think?  Erika's twelve but she's still quite little so she got this from the kids' section.  (You can buy these online here.)

Then we also did some Back to School make-up shopping!  As Erika is still young and only going into first year, she doesn't wear any foundation, blusher or bronzer but she does wear a little concealer, eye-shadow, eye-liner, mascara and lipgloss (sometimes).  She doesn't need any face make-up as her skin is very young and fresh but she likes to wear some very neutral eye make-up.  I bought her Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Concealer in the shade Sand (03), for brightening up under her eyes.  I also got her All That Glitters eye-shadow by MAC, as it's a light, peachy colour which is neutral enough for school but still gives her a bit of shimmer.  She also sometimes uses MAC's Sweet Lust which is a shimmery light pink.  Lastly we got a voucher in Boots for No.7 products so she picked up this silvery purple nail polish in the colour Milan.

Let me know what you think of what she got and if you like both of our outfits!

Stay Stylish!


  1. I think you look beautiful and cute;)....

  2. you girls are so cute!! so nice to see sisters who value family and spend time together!

  3. You are such adorable sisters! Great choices and what pretty and wearable make-up choices!

    Liesl :)

  4. I think the turqoise one is so nice for her age. I really like it and I also like the Mac's eyeshadow! :)

  5. anna u have amazing cheek bones!!! xxx

  6. Lovely as usual, Cute Jacket on ur sis!

  7. Awww I love your grey cardigan - it is amazing! Grat hayl, I think the color Erika picked up was the best of the 3 she tried, and she'll love All that glitters! :))

    You had fun, girls, great post and purchases! :)


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