The Body Shop Moonlight Lustre Eye Trio

Today I branched out from my usual neutral colours and decided to sample The Body Shop Moonlight Lustre eye-shadow trio, which consists of forest green, lilac and a shimmering grey colour.  All of these are very shimmery, have good pigmentation but are quite powdery and have a lot of fall-out.  However, all in all I do like these shadows and the colour pay-off is good, they're long-lasting and I think I'll be using them again.  

How I Achieved This Look:
1. I applied the lilac shadow all over the lid and on the brow-bone as a highlight.
2. I applied the shimmering grey, which is really more of a green-grey into the crease and along the lower lash-line.
3. I applied the forest green colour in the middle of the eye-lids and blended them all well together.
4. I finished off the look with Maybelline Line Definer liquid liner in black on the top lids and Impala waterproof eye pencil in black along the waterline.  I also applied one coat of The Body Shop's Big and Curvy mascara.

Other than that, my face make-up is the same as always (see my Make-Up Routine Tutorial) and I'm wearing Rimmel Summer Angel on my lips.

Let me know if you like the look and whether you want me to do a video tutorial on this! 

Stay Stylish!


  1. Lovely! It's great to venture from time to time - I tried grey shadow yesterday, have to use more purples too! :)) Beautiful look, I would love to watch this tutorial!


  2. You look good in everything but this makes yours eyes pop nicely :)! Would love to see the tutorial for "wearable color" like this.

  3. Very pretty and dream-like, Anna!

    Liesl :)

  4. super pretty anna ,, i love it ,, these colors look very good on you =)

  5. super pretty anna ,, i love it ,, these colors look very good on you =)


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