Farmers' Market

Every Thursday my mom goes to this local farmers' market and now that I'm living in Cork I've started going too.  I absolutely love all the different stalls there, some of them in particular are really good.  My favourite ones to look at are the sweet ones, especially with all those delicious-looking cupcakes on display!  My fiancé, Jonathan got his sweet chili fix at the chili sauce stall (pictured above) and ended up getting the green sweet chili sauce.  Another favourite of ours is the Cork Coffee Roasters' stall, where they sell the best coffee ever!  

We also buy our veggies from the organic food stall there.  Check out our basket which my sister is holding above!  For our lunch, we got some yummy pittas with hummus, tomatoes, yogurt and lettuce...mmm!  Jonathan and my mom got the lamb/beef pittas, pictured on the grill in the last photo.

Do you have a local market/farmers' market you like to go to?



  1. yummy yummy yummy :) love farmers markets.

  2. Hi Anna!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    I live near Atlanta, GA and we have a farmers market we go to on Saturday mornings. It is held from 8am-12pm so I have to get up early to get the good stuff (BOO). My boyfriend and I bring our puppy. Peaches are THE BEST thing to get. (They are our state fruit anyway!)

    Happy Thursday - almost the weekend!

  3. I love farmers markets. The produce is always very fresh and lasts much longer in the fridge than regular store bought produce.

    I'm just wondering what you make with the celery-like vegetable? I'm not actually sure what it is, but it looks like a short bunch of celery. It would be nice to see more of your and Jonathan's meal preparations in the daily vlogs. It always gives me simple meal ideas :)

  4. @Amy It's fennel! It's quite like celery in that you can eat it cooked or raw (I prefer it raw as it's crunchy!). You can make a yummy salad by just chopping it up and adding olive oil, salt and pepper. Try it! :)


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