Simple Stripes

It's a yucky, rainy day in Cork today so I thought I'd prove it to you all with a photo of my very wet-looking balcony!  How do you like my three little geranium plants?!  Hopefully they're not all dead by next week.  That's normally the case with any plants I get.

What I'm Wearing:
Striped shirt - GAP
Indigo jeggings -
Ballet flats - Accessorize
Pearl bracelet - A gift from my mom
Earrings - Accessorize
Bag - Chloe

As you can see from all my outfits, my style is very simple and I favour neutral colours like navy blue, black, beige and grey!  I kept my make-up neutral too, and am wearing my Kiko blush in #1 Soft Sand with Benefit's Hoola as a contour and Bonnebell's Blend'n'Glow as a highlight.  On my eyes I have the usual: Maybelline Line Definer and Impala Waterproof eye pencil in black with The Body Shop's Big and Curvy mascara and Kiko eyeshadow in #80.  On my lips I have Summer Angel lipstick by Rimmel!

For my hair, I styled it in a simple classic bun.  You can watch the hair tutorial on this look here.

When I was in Kinsale yesterday, I picked up the cutest pair of blue and white striped flannel shorts in the sale for €36 in a local boutique.  I know summer's over but I couldn't resist these!  The brand is an Italian one, Egerie and they're a size too big so I may have to get them taken in a bit.  But they were just too sweet to leave in the shop!

What did you wear today?  Have you bought anything new in the sales?

Stay Stylish!


  1. woo, i thought i spyed a chloe bag! chloe ftw! :D xxxx

  2. The stripe shorts are to die for :) Sooo cute. I'm sure they will look gorgeous on you. Can;t wait to see them on you hehehe

  3. Lovely outfit! I am in love with this Chloe bag!

  4. I have a pink girly rugby style shirt in today with navy jeggings little flats... and my most recent buy was a shirt from Joules. I love there style, girly, classic but very practical.

  5. Your outfit is lovely! Stripes are my favorite thing to wear and I'm absolutely in love with your shirt, and the new shorts -- so cute! :)

  6. Cork really is horrible today isnt it. I've been able to walk in and out of town in skirts for the past month and I'm not even going outside today! And the outfit is lovely.

  7. Oh wow, I love those shorts! And the weather here in Belgium has been awfull for about a month now =( I hot to wear short the end of june, 'till mid-july. And ever since I've been relying on my jeans, because it's so awfull. =(

  8. I love stripes too. have bought so many stripes items this season, woops :p
    TOTAL bag envy btw.... haha

  9. Love those shorts and your outfit. :)

  10. Super cute and I too am loving the stripes from this versatile!

    Thanks for the lovely birthday wishes and sweet comment, it means so much!

    I hope you are having a Terrific Thursday!!!

    Liesl :)

  11. darling shorts!
    I got a stripey top too at the C&C sale and had a code too

  12. Nice outfit! and im loving the shorts, will be fun to mix different pattern blouses with it!

  13. i love your top! :) its one of them tops what would go with anything. i'll definatly putting an order in for one of those xox.


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