Vote for Albi!

Some of you may remember last week I went to the opening of Creedon's Doggie Daycare with my fiancé, Jonathan and my puppy Albi (click here to watch the video).  Albi and I posed for this picture in a little playhouse and were entered into a competition on their Facebook page!  The winning pup gets one month of free daycare, a pamper session at the groomer's, two nights free boarding and a place on any training course of choice.  So...if you think Albi deserves all of this please vote for our picture here by clicking "Like"!  Of course you don't have to vote for Albi and me if you don't want to...this isn't anything to be taken seriously, it's all just a bit of fun.  Feel free to take a look through the album at all the other cute entries!


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  1. I just voted! How adorable you and Albi look!

    LIesl :)


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