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Today was a busy day!  My sweet puppy Albi had a hair appointment at 9:30 this morning...look how handsome he turned out!

While Albi was getting his hair cut, my mom and I decided we would go to Hanley's Seasonal Shop which is selling TONS of amazing Halloween decorations (yay!) but sadly it was closed.  It's not officially opening till Friday, boo hoo!  So we ended up going to Hanley's Garden Centre/Home Store and got some other things (which I'll show you later on in this post!).

Then my mom treated my sister Emma and me to lunch at Liberty Grill, a great restaurant in Cork.  I got the yummiest haloumi and roast vegetable delicious does that look?!  And THANK YOU, to my sister Emma for FINALLY letting me snap a pic of her!!  Doesn't she look pretty?  Leave lots of comments for Emma so she'll let me take pictures of her more often!!  Emma is 19 and just started college.  I'm so proud of her!

Brown and cream cushion - Hanley's

Mimosa scented oil and Aloe Vera plant for the main bathroom - Hanley's

This I don't remember the name! - Hanley's

Candle holder for master bedroom - Hanley's

A Halloween light-up witchy! - Hanley's

Candy Corn Candle - TK Maxx

Waterlily wall art - Primark

Pebble bath mat - Primark

Rug - Fair Trade Shop

Birdcage - Atlantic Homecare

Bookcase - Atlantic Homecare

Throw - Home Store & More

Egyptian cotton duvet and pillow set - ALDI

Here are some of my most recent purchases for the new house!  Let me know what you think!  Some of these were bought today and others in the last few weeks.  

Card for my room :) 


iPhone cover, which I CAN'T USE!!  It's for the iPhone 4 and mine is a 3GS.

A keycap...aww

A voucher for 10% off my next online purchase!

And finally, these are some items I bought today from Paperchase (upstairs in A-Wear!)  Aren't they so cute?!  I love Paperchase so much, I just can't stop looking at all their stuff and can never decide what to get...  

Sorry for the very long and picture-heavy post but I hope you enjoyed it!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Hi! I love how you decorated your house, seen the pics on facebook also. xoxo
    P.S. Can you please tell me where did you get the three-parts painting near the bookcase in the living. I so want something similar to that. thx.
    Andreea, Bucharest, Romania

  2. oh they r so cool items and decoration is so lovely n awesome i love it... ur sister is so pretty... n albi is also looking cute in new haircut...i also have keychain like tht one bt dnt hv tht birdy...

  3. Aww how cute Albi is with his haircut - seems like the men in the house are all getting a haircut lol
    Love the decoration and how cute is that keycap! :))

  4. Albi is the cutest maltese ever!!! Love him! <3

    Hehe, my name is Ema, too. :P Your sister is very beautiful! :)

    I love all the things that you took. Lovely!!

  5. Your sister is gorgeous!! :D
    Love everything you bought.. so cute!!

  6. you got some lovely things, i love the bird cage, and albi looks so much better! emma is stunning, she should be in the daily vlogs! xxx

  7. Love your purchases! It's start to look very nice! I love the Aloe Vera plant ;) If you burn yourself when you're cooking or else you can cut one of its leaf and rub the burn with the interior of the leaf to relieve pain and heal faster ;) I really like the birdcage, it's will be very beautiful with the candle in it!

  8. Emmmmaaaaaaa! One more pretty member of the Saccone family! Don't hide from Anna's camera any longer!!! ;-)

    Anna, I really like your house, it looks so cosy and friendly with the lovely decoration. I love love love the black and white waterlily artwork from Primark - tomorrow I'll go to our Primark store here in Bremen/Germany and look for it... :-)


  9. Emma/Sister style diet is gorgeous!!!!!!
    Love the decor!!

  10. Great interior purchases! I love paperchase too!

  11. Looking lovely all around, Anna! Loving your decorating ideas...isn't it so much fun to put everything together? Kind of like putting an outfit together, but for your home! :)

    Liesl :)

  12. cute purchases and your sister is gorgeous!

  13. Tell Emma she is so STUNNING. Beauty runs in the family, it seems ;)


  14. I love all your new plants, and how uncluttered your house seems. And your sister is adorable, she shouldn't be camera shy at all!

  15. Love it and yes your sister is very pretty!

  16. Oh Anna, everything is so cutee!
    I like decorating my house, finding new pretty things etc..
    I LOVE those cushions!!!
    and your sister Emma is a really beautiful girl!
    bye bye, Sara

  17. Thank you for all your wonderful sweet comments <3

    @Anonymous#1 That wall art was actually here when we moved in (our house came furnished) so I don't know where it's from, I'm sorry! I would imagine it's probably not very expensive and from somewhere like Primark/Dunnes Stores though.

    @Chloe Thank you! You should tell her that yourself, she won't listen to me! :(

    @Anonymous#3/Katrin The waterlily wall art was super cheap as well, only €3!

    @Liesl Yes, it's definitely a lot of fun and you're right it's similar to styling an outfit! Yay :)

  18. Hi Anna, your house is beautiful!!
    And your bookcase is very good. Could you tell something about your books? You have the Skinny Bitch - is it good book? And I love your books about Marilyn :) Thanks :)

  19. Anna your home is looking great, I think you moved in after me but you have managed to finish the decor before me lol... And OMG I have that paperchase doggy key cap lol :) I need to buy MORE scatter cushions - tkmaxx is really great for unique ones, as is laura ashley and john lewis but v expensive aghhhhh! X

  20. Your sister is jaw-dropping gorgeous! She has to let you take more pix. Thanks for sharing your furnishings with us and the pup looks so handsome. But what I'm really after is that sandwich..yumm-o! hahaha

  21. @Natalii Yes, Skinny Bitch is good but it's about going vegan, which I'm obviously not - lol! However it's very informative and it is good even if you're not vegan!

    @Muhsine Thank you! That's so funny about the keycap, I had never even heard of these things before. Yes, home decorating can be SO expensive if you want to buy nice things!!

    @Dye-A-Graham Thank you, I will pass on the message :) The sandwich was delicious!

  22. Hi Anna, I love your house... especially the view. you don't see that a lot here in Holland.
    I just noticed something...if I see it correct the three parts painting isn't hanging correctly. The middle one should be changed with the one on the right.
    X Anita

  23. Hi!
    I am interested in buying the iPhone 4 case :) My email is "" send me a email if you are interested!

  24. I always inspired by you, your opinion and attitude, again, thanks for this nice post.

    - Mark

  25. Your sister Emma is really pretty! I don't understand why she doesn't like pictures of herself! I like her fringe too! :) x

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