Autumn Leaves...

Today was such a beautiful day...the weather has been so gloomy and depressing lately and today was the first day in quite a while that the sun came out.  The area around where I live was so pretty because of all the autumn leaves that my mom, Albi and I decided to go for a walk and collect some acorns.  This is part of the outside of my parents' house which is currently covered in mom loves when the leaves change to this colour.

Albi searched for bunnies to play with but they must have all been in bed.  I actually love this picture of the two of us together...Albi looks so cute!  

A bunch of autumn leaves my mom picked!

I absolutely LOVE these pictures of my mama!  She didn't know I was taking photos and she was picking up acorns and autumn branches.  I love the light coming through the trees.  It makes me want it to be autumn all the time! 

What did you guys do today?  Is the weather nice where you live?  

Stay Stylish!


  1. im working in my office!! jejej i know it dose not sound like fun, but fortunatelly i am leaving soon, i dont feel good that i had to quit my job but i am not happy here, since i miss my fiance who is living somewhere else, today is been a long day but this weekend i will be where i really want to be..


    your pics are awesome, i remember some time in washington the trees and everything was like there in your pictures.

  2. You have no idea how happy these pictures make me!

    I simply love fall time when you can wear a sweater and the leaves are falling and in LA, we don't get that, which is why I love being home back east for the holidays! :)

    I hope you are feeling better and I'm loving your fall outfit while out with Albi and your mama!

    Liesl :)

  3. Aww the pics are beautiful! I love the view of autumn tress, but it's beautiful and sad in the same time for me, because my favorite time is the summertime and this means it's gone for 3 more seasons...

    Your momma looks lovely, your outfits even match :)


  4. Ma Ma Stylediet, Hello!
    Gorgeous time of the year, Glad your feeling better Anna!

  5. @Liliana Aww..sorry to hear that! I hope you have a lovely weekend :)

    @Liesl Thank you! Yes, I think I would miss the seasons if I were in LA although I envy your sunshine and warm weather ;)

    @Poli Thanks so much! Autumn is a bit sad, but in a beautiful kind of way :)

    @Julie Feeling 100% better today :)

  6. Anna I really love your photo and your style!! :-) Today was in Czech Republic really nice weather :-) I was shopping with my sister and I bought a lipstick from Rimmel - Bronze Goddess :-) It was nice :-) Greet from Czech :-)

  7. Anna, I really love your blog and your style! Every day I'm excited to see if you've uploaded sth new :D Your a wonderful inspiration and I wish your little family all the best. If I had more time, I'd have bought a maltese immediately, unfortunately, I don't.
    Kristin (from Germany)

  8. So pretty, unfortunately we don't have any seasons in Florida. Everyday is the same hot and sunny :(

  9. So pretty!!! I love these pics. Your lil puppy is adorable!

    Hope you're having a great day beautiful!!

    XOXO, CC

  10. It's so beautiful there! That bunch of leaves would look nice in a vase inside. I wish it looked like fall where i live!



  11. Lovely photos!!
    Today, in Bucharest was a really nice day, too. I had a lot to do so I enjoyed every part of the day. :)

  12. your dog is sooo cute and the autumn leaves are pretty, we don't have any quite that pretty yet out in california but when we do I want to pick some :) Great photos!

  13. it was 80F/27C here :( Leaves haven't changed much but at least I get to see your pictures!! Love that pic of you and Albs, soo cute!

  14. Autumn it's my favorite season! I just love everything about this season! The leaves on the floor, the weather.. everything (:

  15. The weather is beautiful in Finland but they say it's going to get super cold soon:S
    I love reading your blog because it always makes my day and so do your vlogs with Jonathan:D
    I've never commented before but i felt like i had to since i had the worst day today until i watched your vlog. They always make me laugh out loud so thank you to you both:D
    Your blog is so great aswell..
    Oh, and sorry for this long comment:)

  16. I adopted a dog 2day! its a chihuahua/ shih tzu mix...3 years old and very friendly! I live in
    Arizona, so its still super hot, but getting better!

  17. Thanks, guys! <3

    @Juliap That's exactly what my mom did...ha ha ha! :)

    @Viivi Thank you so much for commenting! I'm so glad you're enjoying the vlogs :)

    @Anonymous Wow, congratulations!


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