September Favourites

Today I finally filmed my September Favourites video...I know I'm a little late.  I actually filmed this about twice already but for some reason my lighting has just not been working with me lately :(  I'm afraid it has something to do with the fact that our apartment has SO much natural light, that it's difficult to get away from it and especially when the sun is setting in the afternoon/evening.  This is when the lights cast crazy shadows on my face and it can be really distracting and ruin the video.  I know...I'm sorry, I'm a perfectionist!  Anyway I got it right this time to hopefully the video will be up later on tonight.  I don't think I've ever blogged about monthly favourites before and I think it's quite an interesting topic so here goes.  I've tried to add in some non-beauty related items as well just to mix it up a little!

I know I've blogged about this before, and admittedly was sent the stuff for free but these products rock my world!  I absolutely love the way they make my hair feel.  I don't think it's ever felt so silky and soft, nor has it ever looked so healthy.  I have been getting so many lovely compliments from you guys about my hair lately and I have to give all the credit to the Global Keratin Aftercare.  My favourite products out of the set were the Leave-In Conditioner, the Conditioning Spray and the Serum.  You can get these products in salons only, so visit the GK website for more information on which salons stock them!

You know I had to mention Bare Minerals!  In September I made the switch to mineral foundation and my skin has loved me for it.  I've never been happier with the way my face make-up looks.  It suits my oily/combination skin perfectly, and doesn't clog my pores.  I also love the way my make-up looks the exact same in the evenings as it does when I apply it in the mornings.  I got this set from Glam R, which would have ended up being cheaper than buying it in Brown Thomas where I live, although the website owner was kind enough to give it to me for free in exchange for a review and mention on here.

I'm pretty sure I wore this eye-shadow almost every single day for a whole month, ha ha!  And I'm continuing to do so...I love it!  I apply this using my 252 brush all over my lids, even onto the brow bone for a neutral, quick, everyday look.  The brush is perfect for this kind of application as it's big and flat so it sweeps the colour all over the eyes.  My favourite thing about this eye-shadow is the fact that it's shimmery without looking like a disco ball.  It's wearable for daytime because it gives you a light shimmer which lifts the eyes and makes them appear brighter.  I don't like matte shadows as much as I do shimmer ones, but sometimes too much shimmer isn't appropriate for daytime!  This is available from Kiko, an Italian cosmetics brand.  I received this as a swap gift but I fully intend on buying back-ups next time I'm in Italy...which may be sooner than you think! ;)

If you are the kind of girl who likes to carry her whole life in her handbag (like me...ahem) then you will LOVE this nifty little thing!  Everyone always comments on how ridiculously heavy my handbags doesn't matter which one I'm carrying, it always weighs a ton!  I used to carry my full-size bottle of Vera Wang Princess perfume, which as you can imagine contributed to the weight of my bag.  I actually found this Travalo perfume holder by accident, as I was in The Perfume Store picking up some Armani Code with my fiancé (his favourite scent...if you have a boyfriend/husband PLEASE encourage him to use it - it's amazing!) and I accidentally knocked over about 10 of these in their boxes...ha ha ha!  You can get them in pink or black, so obviously I picked pink ;)  What I loved in particular about them is that they're €9 but The Perfume Shop will fill it with whichever perfume you want!  So now my shoulders/arms are happier as they don't have to lug around quite as much stuff as they used to as this perfume holder weighs hardly anything and is the size of a lipstick!

This wouldn't be a monthly favourites post if I didn't tell you what I've been reading!  And no, to my parents''s not books :/  It is of course...bridal magazines!  Yay!  I like reading Irish bridal magazines as even though I'm not getting married in Ireland, I do live here and will probably buy my dress and bridesmaids' dresses here, and it's nice to be able to relate everything to where you live.  Anyway, my favourite magazine is probably Irish Brides.  The other one I like is Confetti (Irish edition).  Irish Brides is more high-fashion, which is good for getting inspiration.  I also have two favourite wedding websites which I've been reading all the time.  If you're looking for beautiful real weddings inspiration and photos, check out Style Me Pretty and The Wedding Chicks.  Also of course, please let me know if you have any other recommendation or if you write a wedding blog yourself, I would love to know!

I've been drinking Twinings Earl Grey tea every morning with my breakfast, and I love it!  It's so light and I much prefer it to regular tea.  Although, don't make the mistake I did and add milk to it the first time...ha ha ha!  It was disgusting!  I didn't know it was meant to be drunk on its own :(  Oh that I know, I love it!

And finally, a fashion favourite!  It's no secret that my brown leather riding boots from Faith have been a September staple for my autumn wardrobe.  I got these boots about 4 or 5 years ago, however you can still find very similar versions of this style by different brands like La Redoute or Dune.  I love them worn over skinny jeans!

So let me know what you thought of my September favourites and if you like these kinds of blog posts.  What were your favourites for September?

Stay Stylish!


  1. Lovely things!!

    That Kiko eyeshadow looks similar to the one that I have from Rimmel and I love it, too.

    My brohter uses Armani Code, too and I like the scent also.

    My boyfriend is crazy about earl grey tea but I don't like it. I'd rather drink green tea (NOT). :P

    The boots are awesome.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. I'm Giulia e sono una nuova follower,i like bare minerals ,eye shadow Kiko and thè earl grey,li ho anch'io.Ti seguo su twitter ,fb and youtube.Se vuoi seguimi pure tu .BYE

  3. I didn't know that about the atomiser being filled- I would love to try so many perfumes- great tip! Thanks

    I am loving my origins skincare at th moment and Dior Amber Diamond :)


  4. That eyeshadow is pretty. Sounds like a toned down version of Stila Kitten. I love that one but sometimes it's too sparkly.

    Hmm this month I have been loving anything pumpkin to eat or drink, Philosophy cinnamon buns shower gel, Macadamia Oil for my hair (it's so amazing), and L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon black mascara.
    Happy weekend! -tammimarie

  5. I really like these favorites posts, so I hope you'll do more. It's especially fun to see some of the more random things!

    Do you drink the tea completely plain? I always have to add honey, must be my sweet tooth.

  6. I love these types of posts (and those brown boots!!).

  7. Bershka and Stradivarious are selling some similar boots too :D I love them.. I love boots!!!!

  8. I love Herbal Teas. Especiall green tea and Pu-erh tea :)


  9. I don't usually comment, but I just wanted to say that I read your blog and visit your vlog a lot, and I really enjoy them! Post like these are great, I just recently started to get into make-up (it took me 25 years, but I'm finally getting it!), and your site has really helped me. Thank you so much!

  10. Fab post hun. I love those riding boots. Such an AW classic!
    Just got home to see you are following my blog! *cue a geeky squeal*
    Thank you so much :)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. @Shopperita I absolutely love Armani Code for's such an attractive scent!!

    @Computergirl Yes, I thought that was pretty cool! And they show you how to fill it too.

    @Ashley I have a sweet tooth too! But yeah, I drink it plain ;) I drink my coffee black too though...I don't know, maybe it's just me!

    @Maeve Lovely to hear from you! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

    @Milly Of course! Your blog is great <3

  13. That Kiki eyeshadow is lovely and I think those boots are FAB!!! Lovely favorites, Anna!

    Liesl :)

    P.S. Enjoy those Bride magazines exciting!

  14. @Liesl Yeah, the magazines definitely make it seem more real ;) <3

  15. can you make swatch of essence lipstick?

  16. in Canada our Twinings box is yellow, not black... at least i haven't seen any black boxes yet... and i actually like to steam milk along with a shot of vanilla flavouring and pour that into my Earl Grey tea ~ it's so good :) let me know if you try that combination!!


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