Blonde Hair on A Budget!

Don't be alarmed!!  
This is me before and after dying my hair...I realise the picture on the left is a little scary, ha ha!  

Just a sidenote: Before you read this blog post, you may want to make yourselves a cup of tea and/or make yourselves comfortable because this is going to be a long one!  Or alternatively, watch the video tutorial here!

I get so many questions about my hair colour.  In this post, I'm going to show step by step exactly what I do to get my hair the colour it is right now (a very light, honey blonde).  First off, let's begin with some background info.  I'm a natural blonde, albeit a dark one. I've always been blonde, apart from last year when I decided to colour my hair an auburn/red.  (See pictures here.)  As a child I was very light blonde.  Here's a picture:

This is the colour that I like, and it's basically very close to what I am now (with a little help from Garnier box dye).  I stayed this fair until about the age of 12, when it started to darken.  This is my current natural hair colour:

Sorry, I know this isn't a great close-up but you get the general idea.  This was me before I started colouring my hair, age 19.  I really don't recommend you dye your hair too young, otherwise you will likely regret it as it is damaging, as I'm sure you all know.

Unfortunately, we can't all afford to get our hair done at the salon but it's difficult to know which box dyes are the best, which are true to colour and which ones will work for you.  I can only speak for myself, so hopefully if you have a similar hair colour to mine this will help you!  I personally know that I can't afford to fork out €160 every 2 months to get my hair done, so I use an at-home box dye that you can get at the supermarket or drugstore.  I have tried and tested a few different light blonde dyes and this is by far the best for me!  It is of course, Garnier Nutrisse Creme in #10 Camomile (Extra Light Blonde).

What you get inside: 
A - Developer Creme
B - Nourishing Colour Creme
C - Conditioner
Plastic Gloves

I use this around every 2 months, to touch up my roots and give my colour a lift.  Always start off with dry, unwashed hair.  Here are some terrifying pictures of what I looked like this morning, pre-colouring!

Eek!  Don't worry, we'll sort those babies out...
Onto step 1, which is to mix the solution together.  The instructions are pretty clear, but in case you're lazy and don't like to read, you basically pour all the contents of B into A and shake well.

Now it's time to put on your gloves!

We're onto step two which in my case, is option 3.  There are various options, depending on whether you've coloured your hair before or not.  I have used this before, so I will be doing option 3, which is so beautifully highlighted below:

Apply the solution to your ROOTS only, making sure you get it all over...especially in the back (this is usually where I miss a bit!).  Use up the whole solution...or as much as you can get out by squeezing the bottle.

Leave that to develop for 25 minutes, then come back and add a little lukewarm water to your bottle (there should be a little bit of the solution left around the sides), close it back up, put your finger on the tip and shake.  This will give you a watery, diluted dye for your ends.  Apply over a bath tub or sink (it's messy!) until all your hair is covered.

Above is what your roots should look like before jumping in the shower.  After you've applied the remaining solution to the ends of your hair, wait 5 minutes for that to develop before rinsing it all off in the shower (DON'T USE SHAMPOO!).  Use the conditioner (C) provided in your box and leave that in for 2-3 minutes before rinsing:

Once you're out of the shower, I recommend using some kind of after care product.  I use Global Keratin leave-in conditioning cream and spray before brushing my hair out.  This basically keeps it from getting too damaged, and protects the ends even more.

After that, blow-dry and style as voilà!  
Blonde hair on a budget :)

Here's what my roots look like now...just look at the before and after pic!!

Another little tip for you blondes out there:
Use a shampoo and conditioner that will maintain your blonde this one!

Timotei Golden Highlights Shampoo and Conditioner
This will keep your hair blonder for longer, and hopefully prevent you from having to dye it too often.  

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your hair dying tips are and have a wonderful rest of the weekend! 

Stay Stylish!


  1. jonathan looks so young in that picture! haha i love your hair :) xxx

  2. Great post!! Although I have dark dark hair, I enjoyed the info as much with a cup-a-tea in my hand!! Keep it up Anna. Lotsa love from freezing cold Prague :)

  3. Good post. My hair is pretty much the same as your hair color. I get high lights every 8-12 weeks and it is so expensive :(. I don't think I could do high lights on myself. I like that the person just does my roots, none of the color touches the rest of my hair. Anyway blondes have to use a lot of deep conditioning treatments I feel and take really good care of their hair. I am in love with Aussie 2 min Miracle. I would put that on damp hair for a good 30=60 min and then take a shower. I also am now using Macadamia Nut Oil (a blend of Moroccan and Macadamia nut oil) daily on my hair and it has made a huge noticeable difference. I also like the Aveda Chamomile shampoo and the Redken Blonde Glam Conditioner.

  4. I have been considering going blonde again and this really helps me out! I live in the States thought and cannot get that brand of shampoo/conditioner here. :(

  5. Thanks Anna! This dye works great for my hair since I have the same haircolor as you :)I have saved a lot of money since I started doing it myself!

  6. This is so helpful! I find the thought of at-home coloring to be terrifying. But just seeing someone do it and seeing it turn out so great is a major help. Might try it this way next time, especially after buying all those Christmas presents! :)

  7. Jonathan was very young in that picture. :P
    I don't dye my hair so I don't know much about this subject.
    I like your color but I also liked the way you looked with red hair! :D

  8. How did you go from your dark hair back to light? Did you have to go to a professional?

  9. First of all I adore your blog :D u post such interesting things and I am into fashion as well. I also am a blonde and do it at home but i use Wella Viva 'Very light blonde' although it depends on your natural hair colour the way the colour turns out. I liked ur hair as a redhead as well it suited you ;)) Last year i dyed it red as well and i think it suits fair skin but like you i went back to blonde. It's my first time commenting on your blog but i've been following it for some time now. Good Luck and keep it up. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - xoxo - Charlene

  10. In the photo where you are holding the products, you look like January Jones! I love the color, I've always wanted to color my hair blonde but have never been brave enough to (I'm incredibly fair-skinned and am a brunette; I'm afraid I'd look washed out with light hair) but maybe someday I'll work up the courage to do it :)

  11. I also dye my hair at home, but didn't find my ideal shade like you! I love how you explained everything so well, and took pictures, it must have been a lot of work!
    I have been dying my hair since I was 18 years old, but I use the permanent ones rarely though (:

  12. This post is so interesting, especially I made totally different experiences with dyeing at home! I'm also blonde, but darker than you and very very ashy. Therefore my hair turns out orange or yellow when I use the drugstore products!!! I tried them all! :-(

    Actually I look like crap, because I wanted to save money and dyed my hair at home a couple of weeks ago, even though I must have known better...

    Before Christmas I'll go to a salon and I'll definitely look better afterwards. :-)

    But your result is really gorgeous btw!

  13. Anna, your blonde hair is really nice but I seriously LOVED you as a redhead! For some reason even though you're a natural blonde, the red suited you so well - and that's rare!

  14. You look so beautiful! I know this blog post and video took a lot of work! Thanks for all of your hard work - I always love to see your posts and videos! (: Lots of love! xx

  15. I have never died my hair before, and i found this a very quick and easy tutorial! I will definetly try out your routine when i gain the courage to dye my hair :) x

  16. perfect timing because I've really been looking for a salon alternative as I'm trying to save on how expensive it is to get my roots done. i'm only 2 shades off- why does it cost $100!!!?!

  17. Thank you for introducing this product to me! I have been trying to go back to blonde with various brands but it kept going orange as I am darker than you. This time I left it to develop way longer than suggested and used a toner afterwards and it is so much better. I love your hair tutorials!

  18. Hey, Anna,
    I'm a huge longtime follower on youtube. I just googled 'blonde on a budget' and this post was one of the first that came up.
    I wonder do you still DIY your hair. It looks really great on videos and I'm wondering if you still do it yourself with drugstore dye.
    Thanks for your time.
    Much love from Bulgaria


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