15 December 2010

Book Update

Today's post is going to be a little bit of a lazy one, considering I didn't have time to do anything picture/video related...boo!  But what I DID do was work on the final design touches of my book.  This has pretty much consumed my life these past few weeks and I am so excited to announce that it's almost done!  I'm going to cross my fingers reeeeeally tight and hope say that it will be ready by Christmas.  A lot of you have asked me if you will be able to get it for Christmas...I honestly don't know.  It will depend on how long delivery will take. :/  It will be available online and will ship INTERNATIONALLY so absolutely anyone can buy it.  I'm absolutely loving how it's all coming together and I can't wait to share it with you guys!  My illustrator Tarsila is so amazing, I just know you're going to love her style!  It fits so perfectly with the book. 

I will update you as soon as it's ready to go I promise :)  But in the meantime, how about I share a little snippet with you guys.  So here you go, I give you my book's introduction!

Introduction, The Style Diet by Anna Saccone

"What do you do if you love cupcakes as much as you love skinny jeans? Can you enjoy both at the same time? Or do you have to go on a miserable low-carb diet in order for clothes to look better on you? What if being healthy for you means being a bigger size? Does that mean you will never look as stylish as the skinny girls? What then?

The Style Diet is a diet for anybody of any shape or size. It is about dressing your body the way it was meant to be dressed, loving your body and accepting it for what it is, and using fashion as a tool to boost your self-esteem.

This is a book about fashion, style and confidence – not about starving yourself. You need to learn how to dress your body and wear your clothes with pride. You should wear the clothes, not the other way around. If you let your clothes wear you, that is where the problem lies.

I do not intend to trick my readers with the title of this book; this is not a diet involving nutrition or exercise plans. There are no numbers on a scale, no measuring tapes or weigh-in days of any kind. I am not a dietitian, I am a stylist. However I do believe that the clothes we wear play a major part in how we look and most importantly how we feel about ourselves. I also believe that you can trim inches off your body by styling yourself slim as opposed to eating less. There is no dieting or working out involved, just clever illusions made by carefully chosen styles of clothes, colours, textures and shapes. It really is that simple.

The Style Diet is for anyone who wants to look and feel great. You do not necessarily have to love fashion but you do need to be able to follow some simple guidelines. Perhaps you struggle with a negative body image or low self-esteem, or maybe you just feel totally lost when it comes to clothes. If you want to change your style and not your self, this is the diet for you."

Stay Stylish!


  1. I like the introduction but I don't like the cover :/

  2. when is it on sale ? :)

  3. I'm in for a copy or two as soon as it's available!!!
    Have a GREAT day!

  4. great introduction! Can't wait for a read :)

  5. Eeeeek! Can't wait!! Sounds brilliant already :)

  6. Anna I am so happy for you, it is such a huge achievement to come out with your own book.you followed your dream and you are inches away from sharing it with the world.Good on you.Looking forward to reading it!xxx

  7. Can't wait, love the cover picture and I bet the book will be a HUGE success! xoxo Roz

  8. LOVE this! I've always been the proponent of dressing for your figure to fabulous NOW rather than "oh after those 15 lbs or so"... congrats on your book!

    in her stilettos-an austin fashion blog

  9. Great introduction, very inspiring. The book is going to be a great success congratulations!!!

  10. omg Anna! I cannot wait for this book! I am so excited!!!! xx


  11. Congrats! That's so exciting.

    xo L

  12. Congratulations Anna! I'm getting super excited to order my copy already! :o) It seems you have a really good "fashion philosophy" that will be incredibly useful to women of all shapes and sizes. What an achievement! :o)
    Hannah xxx


  13. I can't wait for the book!! Nice cover! :)

  14. Im in the States and I am dying to get the book where do I buy a hard copy?

  15. I love the intro, sounds AMAZING! X

  16. Aww it sounds amazing! I'm so happy for you! Must be so nice seeing all your hard work turn into an actual final product! Very exciting xoxo

  17. Sounds like it may just be a hit in my book! :)
    Will your book only be sold online? Will it be accessible in book stores in given time?
    Hope you are able to respond. Thank you and congratulations on this incredible blessing!


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