Christmas Tree Pickin'


This evening my fiancé, pupsicle and I went to get our very first Christmas tree in our new home!  I was so excited!  And now our house and car smell divine!  It's not decorated yet so I won't show a picture of it but we picked a pretty big/full one.

As for my outfit, you'll have to excuse the crappy mirror pictures taken by yours truly!  My camera doesn't have a timer and my photographer fiancé was at work.  I'm wearing my new cardigan which I love.  It's much longer than I thought it was and also super warm!

*What I'm Wearing*
Grey leopard print Angora cardigan - Dunnes Stores (look under knitwear section), worn over basic black t-shirt from Mexx.
Khaki combat-style pants - Primark (hauled here)
Black lace-up fabric boots - Fornarina (bought about 4 years ago in Naples, Italy)
Black linen/silk double sided scarf, looped around and tied in a bow - Mexx (bought about 4 years ago)
Taupe oversized stud earrings - Vero Moda (hauled here)
Bracelet - Fair Trade Shop (a birthday gift from my mom)

As far as make-up goes, today was the awful day that my Bare Minerals foundation ran out.  I could have cried...I also got the shade Medium (I usually wear Medium Beige) in my Get Started Kit, but that's too light for me.  Lucky for me, I had lots of MAC Studio Moisture Tint thanks to my lovely reader/subscriber.  So here I'm wearing it in the shade Medium Dark.  Light and Medium Light were too pale for me and this shade suits my skin tone perfectly!  I think that from now on, I'm done with heavy make-up.  It's either mineral foundation or tinted moisturizer...the other is just too cakey.  On my lips I have on Eyeko Minty Fat Balm.  I'm wearing my hair in a French plait (watch how I do it here)...I think I was feeling the Lara Croft look with my combat pants tucked into my boots, hahaha!

Stay Stylish!


  1. How exciting, Anna! I'm sure you picked a great one! Love your outfit, lovely scarf and oh so pretty make-up! Beautiful!

    Liesl :)

  2. awe i love christmas time and picking out trees! you look fab. as usual xx alex

  3. Ooooh i cant wait to see the tree! hehe! ur makeup and outfit is lovelyyy as usual! ^_^ hope u had a brill day xoxoxo

  4. Love your outfit & what cuuuute puppy :)


  5. Hi Anna!

    This is definitely one of my favourite outfits! I love the cardigan, I have a similar one that is shorter and I really like to wear it. You look so pretty in these pictures btw!

    I also totally agree with you on not wearing heavy make-up any more. Your Bare Minerals review encouraged me to try out some mineral foundation and I love it so much. I always hated the cakeyness (does this word exist?!?) of most liquid make-ups and now my skin looks so natural and even! A huge thank you for that helpful review!!!

    xoxo Katrin

  6. omg i LOVE that cardi and I am stealing your word "pupsicle", it made me laugh!

  7. If you want to try a light foundation, I recomend you "Healthy Mix" from Bourjois, is like a tinted moisturizer. I love it!

    I miss the smell of the Christmas tree but I don't think I'll have one this year! :(

    You all three look so sweet and happy! <3

  8. First you look great, second I envy you because I can't have my tree until the 13Th =(, kind of a family tradition. Here in Spain we celebrate saints Do you know what it is? Like every saint has his day and mine is December 13Th and since I can remember I was only allowed to get my Christmas tree on that day and...well let's say I'm too scared to disobey my mum and break traditions =)

  9. you are beautiful!!!
    Hi! my name's martina and I come from Italy...I love your blog and I'd like you visit my blog...if you want, follow me!!! I wait you and your tips! kiss kiss ^^


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