Family Friday

What I'm Wearing: 
Lightweight knit top - InWear (also worn here)
Acid wash blue jeans - Zara (also seen here, and again here)
Brown fur-lined lace up boots - River Island (hauled here)
White short sleeve blouse - Zara (also seen here)
Bracelets - Gift from Gina (hauled here, seen here, and again here)
Earrings - Gift from Tammi Marie (first seen here)

Flawless You Forever Mineral Loose Powder in 703 Medium
Bare Minerals Concealer in Summer Bisque
Bare Minerals Warmth as Contour/Bronzer
MAC Earth to Earth Blush

Kiko Highly Pigmented Eyeshadow in #80 on the lid
Medium/Light Brown Eyeshadow from Sleek Storm palette in crease
Maybelline Line Definer Eyeliner on top lids
Impala Waterproof Eyeliner pencil in the waterline
CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara

Rimmel Rose Bikini Lipstick

Curled using my GHD (watch the tutorial here).

I actually haven't done an Outfit of the Day post in a while.  These photos were taken in semi-darkness with flash so sorry if the lighting is a bit weird!  (Watch the video on my thought process styling this outfit here.)  Yesterday was Family Friday, where my family comes over to our house for dinner and Jonathan and I cook for them.  Last night's dinner was a huge success thanks to this recipe on a great food blog I follow!  Our pizzas all turned out great, despite our lack of proper baking trays (we had to cook some of them in a casserole dish) and everyone had a lot of fun putting their own toppings on!  I really recommend this if you're having a family dinner with not too many people (we were five people total).  It ended up being quite messy but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the pizzas tasted delicious!  

I only wish I had been a little less stressed during the whole process...sometimes I feel I am too highly strung.  I've always been a perfectionist and I tend to obsess over the tiniest details and end up not enjoying myself at all because of course, nothing is perfect and life is messy and full of accidents.  Example: when I was preparing food yesterday, I was reaching for a chopping board and I accidentally knocked over a large bottle of Diet Coke, which fell on the floor and into Albi's water and food bowls, spilling water and dog food everywhere.  I screamed and started crying, although my initial thoughts were to smash everything in sight...yeah, not exactly a "normal" reaction to a small accident in which nothing actually got damaged or destroyed.  *sigh*  I really wish I could relax a bit more and not get so worked up about silly things like that!

On the other hand, my fianc√© is the total opposite of me.  It takes a LOT of work to get him stressed...he's just so mellow and relaxed all the time which I'm a little jealous of.  It's a good thing though, because that way we balance each other out!

Are you the uptight or the relaxed one in your relationship?

Stay Stylish!


  1. I'm the same way Anna. I'm a total perfectionist and a freak when it comes to the house looking perfect and everything going the right way. I have crazy reactions too. AND, my husband Tom is so very laid back. I guess that is why we work. I just wish I wasn't like this... what can you do though.

  2. I think this is the sweetest blogpost I have ever read, Anna! I've always loved following your videos and blogs and also your daily vlogs with Jonathan but I don't know, reading this post just now just makes me think you're so awesome!

    I know it may not seem like a big deal but it takes a lot of courage to admit what you just did. I have DEFINITELY been there in almost the exact same situation- fretting over details just before a dinner party when my bf is all in "la dee da" mode and totally relaxed! :P

    But it takes a big person to admit you can be a neat freak or obsessive over certain things and even to admit that you can get jealous at how laid-back and relax your fiance is. But I think you're exactly right - it seems to work so well for the two of you because you complement each other! He's hard when you're soft or you're forgiving when he can be stubborn, etc.

    Anyway, why am I writing a novel?? LOL! I just wanted to say thank you for being so sweet and sincere and I think you guys are perfect the way you guys are! :)

  3. I'm DEFINITELY the uptight one in my relationship! I react the exact same way you do. The other day I was cooking stew and knocked out all the vegetables I chopped up, and there was onions and carrots and potatoes all over my floor. I skipped the screaming and went straight to crying (although I wanted to throw my dishes against my wall..). There was also a week where I spilled water practically every day. And it wasn't just a glassful, I'm talking about my pitcher filled with water being knocked off the table...

    Being uptight AND clumsy on top of it really stresses me out... I wish I was more relaxed too... But knowing that someone as sweet as you has the same problem made me feel so much better about myself!! So thanks so much for sharing♥


  4. It's totally normal to be stressed about things like that,especially at this time of the year when the holidays are super stressful.

    I love your outfit!

    xo, Jay

  5. Definitely laid back, I am clumsy so if I was to cry everytime I knocked something over, I would be crying all day!

  6. Ps. I agree with what Ameena said, it does take courage to admit to those kinds of freak outs! Thanks for being honest and real.

  7. Well, your a scorpio, we scorpios are like that.. we stress over everything because we want everything to be perfect!!!
    Dark blue looks gorgeous on you!

  8. Thanks @ Lake Breeze! :)

    And thanks Anna for being so genuine and real! :)

  9. I'm TOTALLY the stressed out one in my relationship! My hubby is sooo easy going and laid back - it's certainly a good balance, but I strive to be more like him (but it's so hard!!).

    I would have screamed and started crying too. Seriously.

    Your tree looks so pretty - I love the red :)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  10. Hi Anna, Steve and I are exactly the same - I think it makes for a great balance - someone a bit laidback to even out my stressiness. Sounds like you and Jonathan are a great match. :-)

    Thanks so much for linking to my blog! I haven't watched today's video yet but I'm saving it for tomorrow as off to bed now. Glad to hear you enjoyed the pizzas - it's good fun, isn't it?

    I like your new blog style.

    And your hair is great in these photos. Tree - really cute too.

  11. I can be a bit high strung but pausing for a moment and breathing through it can really help :) You look great, those boots look so darn cozy!! I sent your xmas package today so be looking for it :D

  12. Love that new 'outfit' of this page! :-)

    I used to feel and react the same way about ridiculous things, and that stressed me a lot. So I simply decided by myself not to freak out anymore, whatever happens. When I drop sth. I say to myself that it's not a drama, I try to start laughing or singing or sth. like that and not to think about it too much. That works quite good for me, but I'm not a perfectionist at all. Life's too short to get mad about silly things. ;-)

    <3 Katrin

  13. Hello sweet Anna! And good Sunday morning!
    I love the way you look in these pictures, and the Christmas tree looks beautiful too!!
    I must admit I am the stressed part as well in my relationship, and I am also quite of a perfctionist, together with a little bit moody... especially in winter time! My boyfee, on the other hand, is more on the relaxed side but he aslo has his moments of tension!
    It would be a great idea to blog about your ways to de-stress in life!

  14. Ooohhh!!! You changed the look of the blog, it looks great, really pretty just like you on your outfit of the day. Have a great Sunday.

  15. In my relation, I'm the relaved one (I'm aquarius too).
    These photos look so beautiful and I like the new face of the blog. :)

  16. I just read what I wrote..I wanted to type "relaxed"...hehehe :P

  17. My boyfriend and I are exactly the same, I get really stressed and flustered and he's always fine and relaxed! Similar thing happened to me a few weeks ago, spent ages preparing and cooking a meal and as I sat down to eat it I managed to knock my plate off the table on to the floor, so not only did I not get to eat my dinner but I also had to clean it all up :( Needless to say I also got frustrated and cried and my bf thought I was completely over-reacting but oh well!

    Love your christmas tree by the way! xx

  18. @lake breeze I can completely relate!!

    @Ameena Wow...thank you so much for your lovely novelly comment :) I appreciated that very much!

    @candy apples Hahaha! Your story about the pitcher made me laugh! Even though I'm sure it wasn't very funny at the time... I totally understand!

    @Jay Fletch Thank you! That is true! Holidays make everything more stressful!

    @KK Hehehe...I suppose that would be a bad combination!

    @Marisa Thank you! I love blue! And you're so right about the Scorpio thing!

    @A.Co I'm so glad you feel the same way! It is very difficult...but we'll get there!

    @Please Do Not Feed The Animals Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the hair and tree...haha :) Yes it was a lot of fun! Thank you for the inspiration!

    @Rebecca from See You in Sweden Eek!! You didn't have to do that!! You are so amazing, thank you so much <3 <3

    @Katrin You're so's too short! I'm glad you like the new layout!

    @Catanya I can be sooo moody as well! I completely understand :)

    @Soterranea Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

    @Shopperita Thank you for your lovely compliments! I understood what you meant ;)

    @Alyson Oh no!! That sounds awful :( I would have been the exact same way!


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