My Hair Routine

I just filmed a video tutorial on how I style my hair 99% of the time.  It's super easy and involves NO HEAT whatsoever (just a little time-management) so it's not too damaging and if you have hair like me, then I'm pretty sure it will work for you.

Above is my least hated picture of the day that I took, I dunno, the camera just wasn't feeling me yesterday!  But how and ever, if you want to watch the full tutorial in video form you can check it out complete with a fancy intro created by yours truly here.  Don't mind the black box around the video.  I'm still trying to get used to my new editing software!

A little info on my hair type:  My hair is DRY, which means it doesn't get greasy very easily and I only need to wash it every 3-4 days.  It has the tendency to frizz and on a bad day it lacks shine and moisture.  It is also very thick, naturally wavy, and textured, in other's a nightmare to comb or brush especially when wet.  My mom used to spend hours trying to get all the tangles out when I was little...I even used to name them...yeah I was weird.  Also keep in mind that I have been dying my hair for the past 3 years which of course, is damaging.  My natural colour is a dark honey blonde and I dye it a lighter blonde.  (I use Garnier Nutrisse Creme in #10 Camomile.)  Having said that, it's much healthier and in better condition since I cut it to mid-length again and I don't have any split ends at the moment.  Woo hoo!

So my hair routine goes a little like this:

At night before bed, I wash it with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner specifically for my hair type (dry, damaged, frizzy, wavy...whatever).  It doesn't matter which shampoo or conditioner you use, so long as they're suited to your hair and you switch them every time you finish the products.  That's what I do to ensure that my hair doesn't "get used" to any product.  The shampoo that I happen to be using right now is TreSemme Salon Silk.  This is the most moisturising of their line.  For conditioner, I still have a little bit of the Global Keratin Moisturising Conditioner left so I'm using that till it's finished.

After that's done, I towel dry my hair and apply four pumps (in other words, quite a bit) of a leave-in conditioner.  Again, this can be ANY leave-in conditioner you like.  I just happen to have a ton of Global Keratin products left over from when I got them.  So I apply this to the ends of my hair, not the roots, just like I would a normal conditioner.  I then spray all over with a leave-in conditioning spray.  I usually divide my hair into two sections to ensure that I get it all over.  When that's done I brush it all out until there are no tangles or knots and I sleep on it.  Make sure you lay a towel on your pillow and that your bedroom is warm enough, you don't want to catch a cold!

Next morning I wake up, and my hair pretty much looks exactly like the top picture above. It's really wavy but it's silky soft at the same time.  To give it a tiny bit more definition I apply a little amount of L'Oreal Studio Out of Bed Fibre Putty (just scrunch it into the ends) and it will stay like this all day long.

Tip: Wear your hair up in a messy bun when you sleep (if you're not washing your hair that night) and this will help to hold the curl/wave in your hair.

The effect of this look is a messy, bed head look which I realise may not be everyone's taste but I don't like the sleek look on me personally so this works for me!  I hope this helps some of you who have a similar hair type :)

Stay Stylish!


  1. Hi lovely Anna!!
    Let me tell you one thing:
    I stared using the same hair dye from Garnier some months ago. I was in love with the colour but I fell into a kind of hair craze and turned my hair dark-brown! But every time I see you posts or watch your vids I want to go back and be blondie again!

  2. Oh I love the bedhead look! I want to try this out. I have pretty similar hair, but I always dry it with a diffuser. I'm thinking it might be more wavy instead of curly if I try it your way. Thanks Anna!

  3. Really liked hearing about your hair routine, Anna! Your hair always looks great and it's nice to know that you achieve this look with minimal damage! Lots of love! xx

  4. Thanks for sharing, Anna! Your hair always looks lovely, healthy and shiny...I have always enjoyed TRESemmé!

    Liesl :)

  5. lovely post!your hair looks fabulous!

  6. Great post! Thank you so much! My hair is a little curlier than yours but our hair issues sound identical. I was wondering what other leave ins you have liked in the past? Thanks again!!

  7. I didn't know hair routine has so many products! I guess I'm lucky because I have thick - dark hair and is easy to take care of it, just shampoo and conditioner an that's it.Besides with my skin illness I can't wash my hair more than once a week otherwise I'll have my scalp full of injuries =(

  8. Oh lala Anna you have gone super blonde !! looks amazing :-) what bleach did you use ? xx


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