It's Been A While

Jeans - Zara, Angora sweater - InWear, Boots - ASOS, Belt - Topshop  

I know it's been a while since I've posted an outfit of the day...but here's the situation: the camera I like to use is my fiancé's camera, which also happens to be a fancy pantsy Canon 550D.  In other words, it's his baby.  Anna isn't allowed to BREATHE near, let alone touch Jonathan's baby.  So whenever I want to take outfit pictures for my blog, it generally ends up going a little like this: 

Me: Can we take OOTD pics now??
Jonathan: Yeah, hold on I'm in the middle of something
*long pause*
Me: Now can we take OOTD pics??
Jonathan: Arrrghhh yes okay, but I'm taking like 4 shots and that's it.  There's no time for you to be fussy.

Then I complain about almost every picture/the angle/the lighting/shadows/focus etc. etc. and it all ends up getting into a HUGE FIGHT.  So, there you go...that's why I dislike taking OOTD pictures!  

But wait!  I just figured out that my new and amazing camcorder has a remote control!!  And it takes pictures too!  Sure, they're not as good as the 550D but hey, now I don't need to have a tumultuous row everytime I feel inspired to do an outfit of the day post and Albi and Sina can rejoice in the fact that their mommy and daddy are not breaking up.  Perfect!

On another note, we went to see Tron this evening (in 3D...woot!).  I think I'm beginning to actually appreciate and see the point in this whole 3D thing, at first I thought it was all a huge scam because I honestly couldn't even tell the difference.  I really didn't think I would like Tron - but I loved it!  I was so surprised!  So if you're like me and you're the skeptical girlfriend/fiancée/wife whose other half is trying to drag you to this movie, I would give it a chance :)  You just might enjoy it!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Love the jeans, very 80s and I mean that in a good way! :)

  2. I love outfits like that for a lot of reasons. They're so simple and comfy and affordable and fit everyone! And it's so easy to "pimp" them with accessories if you want to! Def. my style and you look gorgeous as always! :-)

    Glad that you're not having trouble anymore to take those pictures... ;-)

    <3 Katrin

  3. I really like this jeans...and you look beautiful as always.
    ...may I tell you something?
    Please, don't change your hair color! I looove it.
    (lisi10lisi - as subscriber)

  4. I <3 outfit of the day. One day you should post more than one haha its never enough!!!

    p.s. youre gorgeous

  5. Like the jeans!

  6. Cute & casual, love it Anna!

  7. Haha, I have the same fight with...well, pretty much everyone I try to get to take my OOTD photos. I just end up taking kind of bad photos on my own; I need one of those cameras with the remote! I really like the color of those jeans; I just posted to another blogger how I really need to go to Zara as I've never been and soo many bloggers have such cute clothes from there :)

  8. I like the way the boots finish off the outfit perfectly.

    Plus, I'm not an expert, but the photos look liek pretty good quality to me...wish I had a remote for my camera now!


  9. I like this outfit! :)
    I know what you mean with Jonathan. My boyfriend does the same when I ask him to help me with some stuff on the computer. He doesn't say "no" just "yes, in a minute" and that minute turns into an hour. :| Boys...

  10. The pics are totally fine... you look so relaxed. Nice :)

  11. Aha, I like the way you explained why you don´t take OOTD photos much!! Glad you´re loving your new camera!! Nice look, Anna! Lots of love! xx

  12. lovely outfit... just my style :D

  13. Hi Anna! I gave you a nice blog award on my blog:
    :) xoxo

  14. your hair is stunning! your blogs really great so I nominated you for the stylish blog award :] check out my page for more info :) xx

  15. You look fantastic :) great cardigan and your face is so beauty !

    Come to me, I have new note too:

    Bye ;)


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