30 January 2011

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick

I recently picked up two lipsticks from Maybelline's ColorSensational range.  Shimmery nude pinks are my favourite lip colours (hello Rimmel Summer Angel addiction!) so I was pretty excited to try these out.  I got Delicate Pearl #812 and Rosewood Pearl #842.

I was actually wearing Delicate Pearl in my last video and got quite a few compliments about how "glowy" I looked!  I think this lipstick definitely helped with that...it's a beautiful pearlescent baby pink which compliments both warm and cool tones.

Rosewood Pearl is also very pretty.  I actually tend to gravitate towards anything "rosewood" as that colour seems to work well on me!  It's not as shimmery as Delicate Pearl and is creamier in texture.  This would definitely compliment warmer tones.

Here are some swatches of both lipsticks:

I really like both shades and definitely think they fit perfectly with the rest of my collection!  My only problem with Maybelline lipsticks is that in Ireland they are SO expensive for a drugstore brand.  Although they only retail at £7.19 in the UK, I paid over €10 for each of these babies :(  Boo!

What are you favourite drugstore lipsticks?  Have you tried either of these shades before?

Stay Stylish!


  1. These are both gorgeous colors! My favorite drugstore lipstick is Rimmel, they're so creamy and stay put for hours, as you know ; )

  2. wow, and those lipsticks only cost $5 at walmart in the US! Looks pretty.

  3. Wow!! I think i'm going to try the baby pink one!! It's beautiful!! 10 euros is not even too much...here in Italy Maybelline's lipsticks cost 13 €!!!

  4. Very nice shades. My fav drugstore lipsticks are Rimmel(moisture Renew) and L'oreal (shine gelee). xoxo

  5. I love maybelline colour sensational lipsticks! I've got one in 'choco cream' & one in 'crispy cookie'.. I totally love these as they're soo creamy and i love the chocolatey colour. 'Crispy Cookie' is more of a shimmery brown colour xoxo


  6. My fav lipsticks are these from Maybelline. I love them! I also like Rimmel but I don't find many shades to like.

  7. I really like both lip sticks and I think you're very good at choosing ones with very pretty colors!
    Love your blog:)


  8. Love the Rosewood...beautiful though I tend not to care for the Maybelline lipsticks. I am pretty faithful to Rimmel when it comes to lipstick...but I do LOVE Covergirls Brandyberry. It is very pretty!

  9. love delicate pearl. i usually don't like shimmery/pearlescent/frosty lipsticks or lipgloss but i'm loving this one. definitely gonna try it :)

  10. If it counts as drugstore Avon's Poppy Love is my fav :) These are gorgeous though and I'm definitely going to go check these out.

  11. I shall pick Rosewood Pearl, it looks so pretty on you and since you mentioned it would compliment darker tones, I shall give it a shot! I usually use Revlon and Rimmel from the Drugstore but do not like applying them after every little while!!

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  12. Hi Anna, how do you take so close pictures of your lips and they are still so clear? i tried this before and you couldn't see anything :( my camera is 12mp.... HELP :D xxx


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