Healthy Veggie Sandwich!

While pondering what to do for tomorrow's diet video (this isn't it by the way!), I decided to fulfill a request I've gotten so many times which is how to make a healthy vegetarian sandwich.  I realise that it can be difficult, especially if you're a newly turned veggie who isn't used to eating sandwiches that don't have some kind of meat in them!  There are actually plenty of options, but this is my all-time favourite!  I first tried this delicious combination in a baguette when I was staying at my best friend Emma's house in Dublin and we walked down to the nearest deli for lunch.  I've been hooked ever since!

 You Will Need:
A bagel (or any kind of bread that you like)
Soft spread goat's cheese
Sun-dried tomatoes (although I prefer semi sun-dried but they are difficult to find!)
Leafy rocket

Toast your bagel and spread goat's cheese generously over one half. 

Add a few sun-dried tomatoes over top.

Garnish with some leafy rocket.
(Yes, I do realise that the date on the packet says Feb.'s still okay though...just about!)

Now close up your bagel and slice the sandwich in half.  

YUM!  The result is a delicious combination of flavours that will make your mouth water for more!  Let me know if you try it :)  Oh, and I've decided to make a video on the vegan chocolate chip cookies I was baking at the end of this vlog.  Thanks for all your amazing suggestions!  I will try to get around to all of them, if not in video form, then definitely on the blog.

Stay Stylish!


  1. i have a question.. are those veggies organic?? and the bread?? i live in america and it is really hard to fine good food here.. it look delicious!!!

  2. well this is very different from those days of those disgusting frankfurters bagels so unhealthy :-P

  3. mmm i am hungry ;)

  4. ooh this looks delicious! I'm going to try it x

  5. Yum! i miss bagels so much! I wish I could get them here in Italy!!!

    looking forward to more food ideas!

  6. Yay :) fun! I just made something similar yesterday!

    1 bagel
    2 slices of tomato
    2 Romain lettuce leaves
    lots of thinly sliced cucumber maybe around 7?
    and instead of cheese- because I don't eat dairy-
    I smashed up avocado for the spread. SOOOOO GOOOODDD!!! Try it sometime :)

  7. This is what I typically have for lunch everyday too! It's really good with roasted peppers as well - goes perfectly with the goats cheese! :) and you should try sunblushed tomatoes from the deli counter of your grocery store - they're usually better than sundried tomatoes! :)

  8. That looks delish, I'm always in need of new sandwich ideas since I pack a lunch. I also make a grilled cheese with sundried tomatoes and it is so tasty!

  9. Hmmm looks delicious! I really have to try sun-dried tomatoes !

  10. I loooooooooooooooooove this combo!!! All my fav foods are in it... :) xxx

  11. That looks delicious, I usually eat veggie sandwiches for lunch but never used goats cheese. But now I wil :) Btw, i made the double chocolate torte yesterday and OMG, it's amaaaaazing :D

  12. looks delicious. definitely going to have to try it :)

  13. YUM! Sun dried tomatoes make anything good! I love your blog :) xo -Kelli

  14. Ooo, looks so yummy. Going to try this as was running low on good veg. lunch recipes!


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