22 February 2011

Preppy with a P

Jacket - Zara, Bag - ASOS

Why is it that every time I go to meet my friends for lunch it rains?!  It's like the world is against me...  I actually really like taking the bus, especially because the bus drivers on my route are always very pleasant but for some reason getting the bus in the rain is the most depressing thing in the world.  No idea why, but it is.  You should try it sometime if you haven't just to experience how utterly crappy it is.  And then when you get off the bus there's the walking...in the rain...battling it out with my broken but too cute to throw out pink umbrella.  Jonathan laughs at me everytime I use it because of its ridiculous pink lopsidedness but well, what can I say.  It still kind of works, depending on how you hold it.

Needless to say I don't meet my friends for lunch very often!  We're getting better though...it's not that we don't like each other, it's that we're all very busy with our own lives and sometimes we get lazy.  Perhaps if we met up more we might actually get to see each other on a sunny day...I hope so.  I'm pretty sure they're sick of seeing my frizzy hair and battered umbrella.  I actually think this outfit would have looked better with my beige Chloe but alas, it was too late when I was running out the door and I didn't have time to change it!  

Pants - ASOS, Top - Primark, Cardigan - La Moxie, Boots - ASOS, Earrings - Accessorize

So I have been designing my save the dates and wedding website.  Since our wedding is in Italy, I plan on sending the invitations next month and the save the dates in the next few days.  We are doing email save the dates, which link to the website where our guests can find out more information about hotels, travel, the venue, the town etc. etc.  It's actually a pretty cool idea, and makes it easier for those unfamiliar with the area.  I also bought my dress for the registry office, which will also be next summer very close to the wedding (late August).  I won't be showing yet but it's a navy blue shift dress with a embellished neckline, square back and it comes to just below the knee.  I'm thinking of wearing it with nude heels and my gold studs (pictured with this outfit!).  I can't wait! :)  I will probably do an proper wedding update post soon so keep an eye out for that!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Nice to see you in heels for the daytime Anna, I like your outfit. You look really pretty! I agree about being on a rainy bus. I think it's the big windows, those grey clouds are all too prominent!


  2. you are so beautiful :). love the clothes

  3. waiting for the bus is incredibly depressing in the rain, particularly if it's cold!

    spero che non abbia preso freddo!

    cute outfit too!

  4. "I won't be showing yet." Are you pregnant?? lol
    Love this casual look by the way : )

  5. I love the cardigan with the heels. Rock a nice, small tan bag with it.

  6. italian wedding sounds gorgeous! i love your preppy sweater!

    <3 megan


  8. Love this outfit, especially the bag. I'm so with you on the bus in the rain-it sucks, but being relient on seasonal vehicles(motorcycle and scooter) I'm doomed to wet days on the bus with you:))

  9. The bus sucks even more if it is -20°C and snowing :D Love your outfit!

  10. how exciting, all the planning and organizing(which is right up your creek) for the wedding...its going to be so beautiful I have no doubt in my mind.I cant wait for your wedding posts and pictures.You are already glowing!!!i'll send you some rays of sun from melbourne.xxx

  11. I am kinda obsessed with weddings so I have a feeling stumbling across this blog will just feed my addiction haha ;)
    Sooo cute.


  12. Love the whole outfit. I bet your save the dates will be gorgeous :)

  13. love it, can't wait to hear more about the wedding evolving!

  14. Very pretty, Anna!
    I just started a new blog and I would love it if you checked it out! Thank you,
    xoxo, Adelka

  15. love the jacket!

    follow each other?


  16. http://ela-s-thoughts.blogspot.com/

  17. I love that outfit Anna, but then again i love most outfits you put together, always so sophisticated and elegant!
    My sister did the same thing for her wedding last year, the website included little bits of information, hotels nearby, maps to the wedding venue and reception. They also have lived together for years so they asked that people get them books if they wanted to buy gift instead of household items. They included a booklist on the site where you could tick off a book if you bought it so no one got the same thing they also had a link to their favourite charity if you wanted to donate as a wedding gift :)

  18. You kind of look classy yet sexy in those outfits, I loved it!


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