How To Choose the Perfect Blush!

Watch the video here!

Knowing what blush shades will look best on you is easy, provided you know your skin undertone!  If you don't know that yet, please watch this video which best describes how to figure it out! 

Here are the blushes that best suit WARM skin tones:  

Georgia by BenefitA light peach shade
Looks best on fair warm undertoned skin.

Soft Sand by Kiko - A dark peach
Looks best on medium to dark warm undertoned skin.

Autumn Floral Blush by FYF Cosmetics - A mixture of dark peach, gold and bronze tones
Looks best on dark warm undertoned skin.

And here are the blushes that best suit COOL skin tones:

Maybelline Expertwear Blush in Rose - a rose/baby pink shade
Looks best on fair cool/pink undertoned skin.

NYX Blush in Pinky - a hot pink shade
Looks best on cool undertoned skin with darker features.

The best blush colour for both warm and cool undertoned REDHEADS:

Coralista by Benefit - A true coral
Looks best on all redheads, and also dark warm undertoned skin.

If you are NEUTRAL:

Maybelline Dream Mousse in Peach Satin - a peachy pink shade.
Looks best on neutrals and olive skin.

I hope this will help you to determine which blush will suit you best!  Of course these are by no means any kind of rules to live by, experiment with whatever blush colours you like! This is just for those who requested the video and who are interested in knowing the theory behind makeup for your colouring :)  

I will now leave you with a beautiful picture...

This is how much I would like you to donate to PAWS today ;)

Stay Stylish!


  1. Nice Post. But in my opinion Coralista is also a neutral blush. Because the shade coral is peach-pink colour.

  2. your links to your videos never work, the page is always blank, just thought you wanted to know, it´s a bit annoying to be honest even though I always go to your YouTube channel if I´m intrested in seeing the video. You´re great1

  3. @janice Really?? They work for me! :-/

  4. I love that blush from Kiko and it looks flawless on you!
    The last photo is so funny! :D

  5. lovely post and video as usual.very clean and clear and to the it.I also love that you are spreading the importance of donating money to p.a.w.s another example of you being a beautiful person on the inside and out.

  6. I love blushes from Bourjois, stay all day long on my face (if I am not touching them :D) and smells great :) But I like your posts, and your positive attitude! :) Have a great day Anna!

  7. Blush is one of my favorite beauty products, probably because I use so few products on a daily basis. Blush literally makes me look human every day, and I have no idea what I'd do without it. I love a ruddier color so I always look slightly flushed.

  8. I'm neutral skin toned and coralista IS PERFECT for my skin, I'm always reaching out for it because it's just so perfect (:
    Very informative post Anna (:

  9. lovely!!! regards from Poland:)

  10. I actually jumped back a bit on that last photo, haha. Excited eyes!

    Finally someone does something on blusher, I never know which color fits right except for experimentation.

  11. Anna, for some reason the link doesn´t work because I read your blog via´s the same with some of the other blogs I if I you straight to your page they work :)


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