22 March 2011

New Zara Purchases

Zara Chinos - €29.95 size XS

I had mentioned on my Formspring the other day that I purchased some chinos and got a ton of requests to do a post on them.  So here they are!  I got them from Zara and there were soooo many pairs to choose from, it was insane.  I feel like I could spend a whole day in Zara and if I had the money I would probably buy the entire shop.  *sigh*  I love Zara!  

Above are the chinos I picked...they're super comfortable, kinda loose-fitting around the top and more narrow at the leg.  They came with a cute blue and white belt and I can't wait to wear them this summer!  Please excuse the bare feet and tank top plus visible bra straps...I wasn't actually wearing these today I just wanted to show you guys what they looked like!

Zara Skinny Cigarette Pants - €49.95 size XS

And then because I couldn't get enough of the beige pants I also purchased these super skinny cigarette pants from Zara.  These are in a slightly heavier and much softer material than the light cotton chinos.  They are a little dressier and more professional and would look amazing with black!  I couldn't decided between these and the chinos because they're such different styles and I could see myself wearing them both this summer so I got the two of them :)  Which pair do you prefer?

Stay Stylish!


  1. i loveee the chinos! and the cigarette pants suit you loads! xxx

  2. I love the first pair there def my fav I have a similar pair in black from debenhams and really want more xx

  3. I love them both, but the chinos look super cute on you!
    Take a look at my blog if you have the time, its in portuguese, but that´s what google translator is for! LOL
    Loooove your blog and channels.

  4. I love that colour on you! I need a pair like the first in my life, that shape is super super flattering :o) xxxx

  5. Love the first pair! They really suit you! I've got a very similar pair to yours and another in a darker browny-khaki colour. They're great and go with so many different style tops, I wear them all the time!

    I've got a picture on my blog if you want to check them out :)


  6. I like the 1st pair because it is something I would also buy (saw some similar ones at promode some month ago and was about to buy, not sure if you also have that brand)

  7. I have almost the same chinos from zara and I love them! And maybe I would prefer chinos, but now, when I saw how amazing you look with those skinny pants I can just say "I need them too!" =)

  8. I love the first pair :) You definitely need to do an OOTD post,wearing them! ;)


  10. You look amazing in both pairs but I think the first is my favorite :) xx

  11. Anna, those pants are too cute! I love the Chinos.

  12. Hi Anna!! Hmmm tough call...both are great!
    Super versatile...I am partial to the skinny
    jeans cause they fit you so well! Glad you bought both....I would have done the same!!!!
    XO Carrie

  13. Love both pairs. I would have done the same and got both.
    xx Allie

  14. I prefer the chinos. I think they'd just be more my style.

  15. Hey Anna,

    both look fabulous on you! Good choice! :-)

    I'm so in love with chinos, I recently bought two for myself - in beige and in navy blue - and they're so cool! Can't wait to wear them. :-)

    Greetz from Germany, Katrin <3

  16. Both beautiful but I love how the chinos make you look like they're going to be versatile in a million ways. And they also look like they were actually made with you as the fit model.

    p.s. Thanks for the compliment. I think they're toothpick knob knees and hate them sometimes so thanks for saying they're nice :)

  17. very cute blog- I love the layout and the content!and ofcourse your youtube!!!

    check out mine if you already haven't:


  18. I love Zara, have never bought anything for myself from there (they only recently managed to make it to Australia) but my Mum has bought me some pants on a couple of occasions. They always seem to magically fit me perfectly!

    M - Even Artichokes Have Hearts ♥

  19. love the first trousers ! you are looking great :)

    come to me:


  20. deff' i'm gonna go into zara and purchase those chinos! I'm not quite sure if they would look good one me as I am slightly heavier on the hips and thighs but should work wonders for spring. I envision with some pumps and a simple t-shirt

  21. Wanna know something funny?! I bought the second pair myself last week!! Haha,I love them!They go with everything too!! They look great on you babe.xxxxx


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