1 March 2011

Parent Teacher Meeting

Shirt - Kookai, Jeans - Miss Anna, Belt - Vero Moda, Boots - Faith, Blazer - Zara

Hahaha, look at Sina sneaking into my outfit pictures!!  She couldn't get enough of your nice comments on the last post she was featured in so she wanted more...  I've also recently discovered that she has some pretty expensive taste.  Apparently she likes to chew on nothing less than Mommy's diamond earrings.  Yup, I found her in the landing this morning, chomping on something and when I bent over to prise open her jaws there was my diamond earring sparkling back up at me.  I almost had 17 strokes then and there.  I'm officially a bad mother!!

  Today I accompanied my mom to my little sister Erika's parent/teacher meetings.  Being at my old school was like a blast from the past, but it was fun because the truth is as sad as it sounds I loved school!  Again, like I said...total goody goody ;)  Anyway, it was a fun day overall...even though it's a little weird when you realise that some of the new teachers are the same age as you :-/  I mean really?  Is that even possible?!  Hahaha, I never thought it would be!

I'm wearing an outfit very similar to this one, except that the shirt is different!  Oh and today is the first day of SPRING!!  I'm so excited that it's finally March and the days are so much brighter!  It was so sunny that I kept the back door open the whole day...Albi and Sina loved it :)    

Watch today's daily vlog here!

Stay Stylish!


  1. like this outfit! its like country preppy & you are stunning as always.
    btw your hair is getting quite a bit lighter again, u going darker again or back to more blonde? x roz

  2. Gorgeous outfit!! What's on your lips? It's so pretty.

  3. Cute, I love those boots! It's not officially spring here in the US until March 20th but hey the weather man said today for weather purposes it starts today. Fine by me!! :)

  4. Nice outfit, and I like your Make-Up! Could you tell us the products (lipstick!!)?

    ♥ Grüsse

  5. I love your outfit, Anna! I think you'd really like Club Monaco's spring collection. It's very much your style. Check it out: http://a-songtopassthetime.blogspot.com/2011/02/club-manaco-spring-2011-lookbook-second.html

  6. How fun to get to go back to your old school, and you looked BEAUTIFUL doing just that! I LOVE your outfit and really do need to find myself a pair of boots in that lovely brown color...I've been on the hunt! :)

    Liesl :)

  7. You look great in those clothes .. Kisses

  8. Love your makeup and your outfit!
    Sina is adorable! <3

  9. Cute Blog! Check out mine if you get a chance :)


  10. Nice boots! Love the look. :)

  11. I love the outfit, it's my favorite to everyday.
    Give Brazil kisses to Sina and Albi. Oh it was a girls photo. She's so cute! A fur ball...cutest cutesnessss lol
    Here we have sun almost every day and all windows open - ever!

  12. oooh i want those boots in my life xxx

  13. You look great. I'm not sure what I would do if I found my dog eating my diamond earrings. Heart attack and stroke at the same time! You've got a great blog!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  14. The shirt, the blazer, the belt...perfection!

  15. This is so pretty and stylish!You look great!You always do!


  16. Really love your outfit! Great boots! You have incredible classy style....! A fellow blogger had you on her list...glad I chose to check it out! If you get a chance ... check out my blog!
    Happy Day!
    XO Carrie

  17. besides the outfit (perfect as always) - i LOOOVE the first picture! let jonathan put in a cool background and hang THAT on your wall! or give it to me and I put it on MY wall! :)))

  18. You are GORGEOUS!!
    And seriously... I remember when teacher's were so "old"... how did we become these oldies?! haha!

  19. haha i go to your old school which shall remain nameless! ;) i see Erica sometimes but Im in 6th year and that has a different building to 1st years so i barely leave it! love the outfit! -orla


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