Almost Summer

Yesterday was our first lunch outside this year - yay!  I love eating outside, it really makes it feel like summer's coming!  This was taken on the patio of my parents' house with Erika (my sister).  My mom made a delicious salad for lunch!

I am really loving this sunny weather recently...hopefully I'll get a tan before my wedding :)  My mom even bought me a deck chair for our balcony in Dunnes Stores yesterday, it's actually super comfortable and we are lucky enough that our balcony faces south so we get a lot of sun during the day.  

Pink flowers in a cute little pail!

I spent most of yesterday in my parents' house/garden actually and even ended up giving you guys a little mini room tour of my childhood bedroom (you can watch it here), when Albi surprised me by rushing up the stairs to it and jumping on my bed!  What a clever boy, he knew which mommy's room was :)

Are you looking forward to summer?

Stay Stylish!

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