Crappy Customer Service and an OOTD!

Shirt - Zara, Jeans - Zara, Flip-Flops - Saint Tropez

Today was super sunny and nice!  I wore short sleeves and flip-flops, woo hoo!  I love summer...yeah okay I realise it's spring but guess what comes after that?  That's right, summer.  (In case any of you didn't know ;)  I totally wore a variation of this exact outfit here, but with boots and a leather jacket and different earrings.  I actually wore silver hoopy earrings with hearts on them but of course you can't see them because this was just a quick snap taken with my phone from my mirror!  

Something kind of crappy happened though...we went to our PO box, which isn't really a PO box because it's not anything to do with the post office being that a PO box here in Ireland are hideously expensive (€130-€260 a month!!) so let's just call it a mailbox.  Anyhow, the man who works there was a bit weird with us last week (we've been using the mailbox for about 6 months now) and he started asking all these questions about what exactly the mailbox is for and whether it's a business.  There are basically two types of mailboxes, a personal one and a business one.  6 months ago when we approached this company, the guy (a different guy) who worked there told us that unless it's a registered business with company name etc., we should go for the personal mailbox.  We were actually really cautious about this and asked a lot of questions because we didn't want to do anything wrong but he reassured us that we were best suited to the personal one.  So I was a little pissed off when this other new guy starts asking all these questions like we're being sneaky or doing something wrong.  I left the mailbox place last week quite annoyed but just assumed he was having a bad day and forgot about it.

Well today we come in and the guy tells us we have to change to the business mailbox (which is more than twice the price of the personal one) and basically accuses us of lying this whole time, tells me he has been to my blog and knows what I'm up to..."selling books and so on..." that it's clearly a business I'm running here.  ?????????  I said, "my book has absolutely nothing to do with you or my mailbox".  To which he responded that I have a page on my blog (I assume he means this one) advertising for companies to send me products, in which case, it's a business.  I was standing there holding a JewelMint package and an NYC package, both of these companies had sent me products to review...and I plainly told him "these companies may send me things to review because my blog is popular, but they do not pay me for my again, how does that really make it a business mailbox?".  In fact I don't have the address advertised anywhere on my blog, only my YouTube channel.  Of course he couldn't answer that and just insisted that we had to pay for a business box.  

To tell you the truth guys, I hate ranting about stuff...I hate negativity and I really hate bringing it up here to my blog.  But this is a PERSONAL blog (hear that, mailbox man?!?) and I feel pretty pissed off about the whole thing.  Jonathan is waaaaay more chill about it than I am, he just paid and said to forget about it, that it's not even worth it.  That the guy obviously just doesn't understand the whole "blogger" thing and is choosing to see it as a business.  But my argument is that it's not a business if I'm not getting paid for things...regardless of whether I am paid by YouTube for the ads on my videos, that is a SEPARATE thing entirely.  In fact, whenever I get sent products to review the box ticked on the package is always "gift".  Because that is truthfully what it is.  I did not come on here to bash the mailbox company (which is why I'm not mentioning the name) I just hate crappy customer service and think that the guy should have dealt with the situation differently, instead of making me feel like I was totally in the wrong and attacked.  Plus the thought of him snooping around my blog really gives me the creeps! :-/  

Oh well...tomorrow is another day, right?!  :)
Sorry for the rant, I will be back tomorrow with a more positive post!

Stay Stylish!

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