Cupcake Heaven!

I am eating one of these right now.  Jealous?  Don't be!  You can bake them yourself...just hop on over (haha did you get that Easter reference ;) to my sister's AMAZING and brand spanking new baking blog where she's posted the recipe along with many more of her yummy creations.  No, I'm not talking about Erika.  This is my other sister, Emma.  I have been begging her (and so have some of you) to start blogging about all the delicious things she bakes and she has finally done it!  Emma got her diploma from the International Baking Academy in Weinheim, Germany last year and is now studying Arts in university.  She is 19 and has a cat called Oreo.  And now she has a brand new baby I would absolutely love it if you would check it out and leave her some nice & encouraging comments so she realises what a lovely community the blogging world is :)  Oh, and if you like her blog please remember to hit the follow button!  

These are delicious too by the way...
Check out her blog here!

Happy Baking! <3

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