Dressing Your Other Half

Jonathan got some new "threads" as he calls them!  Hahaha!  I don't know why but that expression makes me laugh out loud.  I almost fell off my chair when I heard him say it first!  But for the first time in about a billion years, he actually let me pick his clothes.  My fiancé is FUSSY when it comes to clothing and in the beginning of our relationship I tried to give him little suggestions or hint at things I liked but in the end he would just suit himself, and that was fine with me.  I had sort of given up (although a certain pair of hideous tracksuit pants mysteriously went missing and have never been found...)  but Jonathan is 31 years old, he can dress whatever way he wants and who am I to try and make him look like someone he's not?  So imagine my surprise when he actually came to me and asked rather sheepishly if I would style him seeing as "I was, after all, the expert in these sort of things".  I was so happy!  Finally after almost four years of rebellion, my man was coming to me for help on all things fashion!  

Jonathan said he wanted some new threads clothes for work, and that he was sick of wearing t-shirts and combats.  We headed to Jack Jones because it's one of his favourite stores.  Jonathan hardly ever wears jeans but when he does he looks amazing!  His complaint was that he can never find the right pair, they're always too tight or too long and never the right hip/length ratio.  Jonathan is 5'6" and wears a 36 in jeans.  Being short and not super skinny can prove a problem for some men, because most 30 legs are a 32 waist.  So we found a pair of 36's with a 32 leg length that fit perfectly and he absolutely loves them!  

Next we got a light blue oxford shirt and I layered it underneath a navy blue sweater.  This paired with the jeans looks very put-together and stylish but still relaxed and laid back.  If your man is not a suit guy, don't try to make him into one.  He'll just feel uncomfortable and will most likely look out of place as well.  Listen to his needs, try to pick clothing that isn't too drastically different from what he already likes or wears.  This way you won't purchase something he won't wear more than once and you will also probably earn his respect.  Nowadays most men don't want to look over-dressed, and the ones that do probably enjoy shopping for themselves and don't need any help.  So break him in gently...if he's used to wearing t-shirts and jeans, introduce a blazer and a nice pair of shoes to the mix for a more polished look.  If he likes polo-shirts, try what I did and layer a sweater over a plain oxford shirt.  Worn without a tie and with jeans won't make him feel like he's outside his comfort zone.  

Hopefully these tips will help you if you're having trouble with your man's style!  But this could also apply to your brother or friend...any guy you feel needs it a little push in the right direction! :)

Stay Stylish!

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