Girls' Day Out

Blazer - Vero Moda

Pants - FCUK, Belt - Vintage, Tank top - InWear, Shoes - Giorgio Picino, Watch - Phosphor Appear

Sorry this is a really late blog post, but I was super busy all day and hardly got a chance to sit down!  My sister Erika slept over last night ;)  We stayed up eating popcorn and playing with the puppies (who were very excited to have a visitor staying in mommy's room...Sina kept running in to see if she was still there!).

We headed into town early this morning with my mom and other sister Emma to do run some very boring grown-up errands (passport office...bleugh!) and then had lunch at Cafe Idaho.

I ate a yummy red pepper and mozzarella "bapino".  I wish I could make this myself, it's sooo good!!

We also ended up finding a very cute ensemble for my little 6 y/o nephew, Matthew who is going to be my ring-bearer at the wedding.  I snapped some pics to send to my brother (he's buying his outfit in the US, where they live!).  And...guess what?!  I bought my wedding shoes!!!!!  Yay! :)  I'm so excited!  But I'm not showing you's a secret ;)  I will say one thing though, they are from Dune which is one of my favourite shoe shops!  I can't wait to show you guys!

Stay Stylish!

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