Happy Birthday Albi!

My little boy is two today!  I can't believe it's going to be two years in August since we first got him!  It seems like just yesterday that we brought home that shy and scared little fluffball, and now he's all grown up :)  Albi was so different to Sina, he was always very sensitive and timid...afraid to do anything wrong or make Mommy or Daddy upset.  Sina is a little devil, she rips up shoes, toilet rolls and chews skirting boards, whereas Albi cowers in the corner with his ears down whenever one of us raises our voice.  When Jonathan and I argue, he sits on the staircase and shivers.  Sina grabs a toy and plays with it, oblivious to what's going on!  When I'm upset or cry, Albi slowly comes over with a worried look on his face and gently licks my tears away.  He is also afraid of strangers, and will bark if someone gets too close or freaks him out.  Sina craves attention and races up to anyone for cuddles and a possible treat.  She has even played football with two random men at the park while Albi looked on in absolute terror and disbelief.  When we first got Albi, he hated walks and wanted to be carried most of the way.  Sina needs about 20 walks a day just to calm her down... They are polar opposites and I love that about them.  This is why I am such a dog lover...they are the most amazing little creatures with such distinctive personalities and their intelligence continues to astound me.  I'm sure some people think I'm crazy for celebrating my puppies' birthdays but I don't care, I want to celebrate every single precious year that I have with them because they are two of the most important "people" in my life!

This morning, at the special birthday table!  Sina is in the background going crazy over her new treat.  We got them their first ever jumbones today...of course Albi chewed his for all of five seconds, then left it in his bed.  Sina has been OBSESSIVELY gnawing on hers all day long, determined to get to the centre "marrow" bit!

Om nom nom...

These pictures crack me up!  This is why we have so few photos of Sina, because she can never sit still!  Albi just poses like a pro, whereas she gets all crazy and lunges towards the nearest item of interest...in this case, the birthday cake!  

We had a really lovely puppy party and I'm pretty sure Albi had quite an exciting birthday.  His Oma and aunties came over for the party, bearing gifts and num nums, the sun was shining (very much so!), he ate a few sneaky chicken nuggets and he even got to blow out a candle on the cake (with the help of his mommy!).  Plus the best gift of all is that he now has a little sister and companion which I know is one of the best decisions we've ever made.  They are truly two of the happiest doggies alive!  

Watch what Albi got up to on his first birthday back when we lived in Dublin here!  Jonathan did take a sneaky little video with his phone of us today here, but you will have to wait till tomorrow to find out exactly how the day went! ;)  There are also more pictures on my Facebook if you want to check them out. <3

Stay Stylish!

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