Hearts & Hates!

Blazer - ASOS, Jeans - ASOS, Tank top - InWear, Boots - ASOS, Watch - Phosphor Appear, Necklace - Agata

Hearts <3
  • Receiving my favourite Nutriganics Softening Cleanser from The Body Shop in Cork after having been there a few weeks ago and leaving disappointed and empty-handed as it hadn't come in yet!  The fact that they remembered me and sent me a free one makes me love them even more :)
  • My little sister Erika coming over with her friend to get their makeup done before their first disco. (awww!)
  • Collecting Erika and listening to her shout the details of her night in the car on the way home as her ears were so deafened from the loud music, hahaha :)
  • Getting a shout-out from Michael Buckley (WhatTheBuck) on Buck Factor.  Absolutely AMAZING...I am still in shock that this actually happened!  (Watch the video here!)

Hates >:(
  • Our vloggity camera randomly breaking right when I asked Jonathan to take some outfit pics for my blog :( 
  • Leaving the puppies at home for the whole day while trying to run about a billion errands and get our camera fixed.
  • Spending over an hour in the phone shop waiting for Jonathan to buy his new phone...sooooo boooorrriinnngggg.
  • My feet hurting from standing in the phone shop for so long!

Makeup:  Maybelline 24hr SuperStay Concealer, FYF Impeccable Mineral Loose Powder, Benefit Hoola, NYC Mosaic Powder Pink Cheek Glow, Benefit 10, NYC Champagne Sparkle Dust, Maybelline Line Definer, Impala Waterproof Liner, CoverGirl LashBlast, NYC Lippin' Large Toffee Lipgloss

My hair is a total mess...but you guys seem to like it, so thank you :) 

Stay Stylish!

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