Jeans for Your Body Shape!

As a follow-up to my "low rise or high waist?" jeans post, here are my tips on which styles of jeans suit what body types!

The Skinny Jean - Zara

Looks best on: Anyone who is confident about their legs, thighs and hip area!  
Not the best on: Apple shapes, as it can over-emphasise their top-heaviness!
Shoes to wear: Anything!  Heels, flats, tucked into boots.

The Bootcut Jean - Mexx
(okay no, this is not actually a pair of jeans...these are dress pants ;)

Looks best on: Anyone and everyone!  Most flattering style for girls with bigger hips/thighs or short legs.
Not the best on: No-one!  This is the most versatile and easy to wear style of jean.
Shoes to wear: Boots or heels.  

The Boyfriend Jean - ASOS

Looks best on: Boyish and apple shapes.
Not the best on: Pear shapes, as they can make your lower body look bulky.
Shoes to wear: Gladiators, caged heels, ballet flats or shoe-boots.

The White Jean - FCUK

Looks best on: Apple shapes, boyish shapes and anyone who isn't afraid to wear them!
Not the best on: Pear shapes and full-figures who are self-conscious about their lower body.  These will make them look bigger.
Shoes to wear: Gladiators or ballet flats in the summer looks cute, but you can wear these with anything depending on the cut and style!

The Jegging - ASOS

Looks best on: Anyone who is proud to show off their lower body!
Not the best on: Apple shapes, again because of the top heavy effect.  Also, anybody who isn't comfortable with their legs/hips/thighs.
Shoes to wear: Ballet flats, heels, oxfords or tucked into boots.

The Flared Jean - Miss Anna
(okay I lied...this is actually just another skinny jean because I don't own a pair!)

Looks best on: Apple shapes, as it balances out the shape wonderfully.  Also boyish shapes and anyone who is tall.
Not the best on: Petite girls or anyone with short legs.  Flared or wide leg pants make the legs look shorter unfortunately :(
Shoes to wear: Wedges look amazing with flared jeans!

I hope this helps!  Don't forget to...

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Stay Stylish!

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