Playing Dress-Up!

So...I need your help.  Yesterday I had one of the most depressing days ever because I was SO overtired and I've been getting the worst allergies (hayfever) lately.  All I wanted to do was crawl back into bed.  But I didn' want to know what I did to make myself feel better?  Well, I started off by buying 5 pairs of shoes from ASOS...and I then proceeded to take about 2 hours to do my makeup (I really was THAT tired) and then I tried on a whole bunch of different things.  In my room.  Alone.  Like a total freak.  But hey!  I documented it all for you guys to see...because I'm not ashamed of my freakish ways.  Hahaha!

Alright so I have no problem showing you guys what I'm wearing to my registry office wedding.  (It's the navy blue dress above.)  And I'm trying to decide which shoes to go for.  I recently picked up these patent nude Carvela peep-toes which are quite possibly the most beautiful pair of shoes I own.  One problem, the heels are three inches high.  What's the problem, I hear you say...well the man I am marrying in 5 months happens to be 5'6".  I'm 5'5".  And a half.  Which basically means that all I ever really wear are 2 inch heels, anything over that and we wind up looking ridiculous.  And I'm not even that tall!  But I'm actually used to dad was only 5'7" and most of my family are quite petite as well.  So what do I do, folks?  Will I go for the Carvela 3" heels and look like a giant at our reg. wedding next to my hubby-to-be or should I stick to the 2 inch-ers.  (Which still make me look a tiny bit taller by the way!)  What do you think?

On a side-note, hope you like the dress :)  It's from Monsoon.  

Pencil skirt - ASOS, Kitten heels - New Look, Shirt - InWear, Necklace -

This is the outfit I actually ended up wearing yesterday (though I changed numerous times throughout the day due to my chronic indecisiveness) and I think it's what I'll be wearing for Easter, weather permitting of course.  These are the other shoes I was thinking of for the wedding dress but I don't think they're "special" enough, if you know what I mean!  Plus I haven't worn the Carvelas they have a certain untouched quality about them, haha!

We are spending Easter with my future in-laws which means that we'll be travelling to Dublin this weekend.  It's going to be a weird one...I'm not sure I've ever spent Easter apart from my family before!  But they are visiting my grandma this year so no Easter egg hunt in the garden :(  However I still fully expect to get some sort of white chocolate Easter egg from Jonathan!!  Hint, hint! ;)  My mom gave us our Lindt bunnies's funny how many traditions we have for the different holidays...what are your Easter traditions?!

Speaking of Easter bunnies, here are my two bunny lookalikes making themselves comfortable in my laundry basket while I was trying to change the bedsheets this morning!  How cute is Sina's face, I just want to squish her!!

And here they are in all their sweetness on the freshly made bed.  Sina likes to chew on the furry throw blanket, hahaha!  And yes, if you're wondering...that is a pink dog bowl and a chew-toy on our bedroom floor because we need professional help and have multiple beds, toys and water bowls in almost every room in the house.  Ahem.

Stay Stylish!

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