April Fashion Favourites!

Watch the video here!
Brace yourself for a lot of leg-lifting...and I don't mean Albi's kind!  Hahaha...  This is what you get when I'm filming with a wide-angle lens, I have to lift my leg everytime I want to show you guys the shoes I'm wearing!  Anyway here is my lookbook and fashion favourites for last month :)
Brown Leather Mid-Heels
These are by Giorgio Picino but I got them at TK Maxx.  They're super comfortable and easy to wear.  As you can see they can easily be paired with a wide range of colours!  I love these and was rejoicing in the fact that I didn't have to wear boots anymore (we'll see about that!)
The Boyfriend Blazer
This one is by Vero Moda and at first I found this difficult to style.  I think it's because it's a lighter blazer, best suited to spring and summer looks.  It's a great contrasting piece with either black or white!
Gold Jewellery
I wore my gold Accessorize studs and my gold Gehry cuff from JewelMint quite a lot last month!  I love gold jewellery but especially in the summer with a tan ;)
Boyfriend Jeans
These were actually my life-saver when I was travelling at Easter.  I wore them almost everyday and they were so comfy!  This outfit shows how you can dress them up as well as down...they're actually very versatile!
Nude Pumps
These are my new best friends!  I want to buy these in every colour though, because not only do they look amazing on but they're also extremely comfortable!  I love that the nude ones elongate my legs and I think they are such a staple for anyone's wardrobe!  I wish I had bought these sooner!

What were your April fashion faves?  And let me know which outfit you liked best!

Stay Stylish!

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