How To Wear Gold/Silver (feat. JewelMint)

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Don't these pictures say "why hello...and welcome to my box of jewels..."  Hahaha, that's the beauty of a cheesy thumbnail!  Anyhow, I recently got sent some beautiful pieces from JewelMint and wanted to share them with you guys.  But then when I was picking out an outfit to pair them with I realised that not everything would compliment the metals so well and I decided to address this topic!  So here you are, JewelMint review and gold/silver how-to wear!

I got 5 pieces, 2 silver and 3 gold.  I personally think gold compliments my skin tone better but I like to wear both.  I have a warm undertone which is why gold tends to bring out the warmth in my skin and suit me better.  If you have a cool undertone you'll probably find that silver looks better on you, and if you're olive-toned you'll most likely look best in bronze.  If you are neutral, you can definitely pull off both but I think anybody can wear what they want, regardless of whether it suits your skin tone or not.  However I definitely get the most compliments when I'm wearing gold jewellery!  I also find that gold fits best with warm coloured clothes like khaki, brown, coral, orange, deep red, beige and tan whereas silver looks better with blues, violet, purple, cool greens and pinks.  Of course there are exceptions to the rule (example: navy blue looks great with gold!) but it's a pretty easy way of remembering what goes with what!  Here I chose to wear black, because it's a neutral and looks good with either or. 
Onto the accessories!  The story behind JewelMint is actually pretty cool.  I originally signed up to the website months before the company ever contacted me so I was very flattered when they asked if I wanted to collaborate with them!  How it all works: 

JewelMint is the new and personalized way to shop for designer jewelry! As a member you get access to exclusive jewelry collections designed by actress, Kate Bosworth, and her stylist, Cher Coulter. Each month you’ll receive personalized jewelry recommendations and style advice. Membership is just $29.99 per month. Shipping is FREE, returns are hassel free and if you don't find something you love, SKIP THE MONTH within the first five days FOR NO CHARGE. There’s no obligation ever.

Here's what I picked from my showroom!
Times Square Earrings
These are a real statement piece, which would make an amazing finishing touch to a simple LBD.  They are very long, with a silver chain and studs covered in little crystals.  The drop ball is in a charcoal grey colour, also covered in crystals.
Mumbai Bracelet
I fell in love with this as soon as I saw Kate Bosworth wearing it in one of the promo pictures.  I think she was wearing a jeans shirt with it, which looks amazing!  Denim always looks great with silver in my opinion!  This is made up of silver discs, beads and a black rope.  It closes with an adjustable chain and is quite tribal inspired.  
Gehry Cuff
Again, this is a real statement piece which will really add a touch of elegance to any simple look.  I think this has a Grecian summery feel to it and I love how big and chunky it is!  It has a hinge at the back and separates open at the front.
Aurora Bracelets
I love these so much, I'm actually contemplating wearing them to my wedding.  My dress is more of an off-white/cream colour so I will definitely be pairing it with gold accessories.  These bracelets are actually 1 silver and 2 gold, with little mismatched stones.  I love the simplicity of it, and how delicate it is!  The stones add a tiny pop of colour without overpowering anything.
Farrah Necklace
Definitely one of my favourite pieces, this necklace is super long and although the style is simple it adds so much more to a plain outfit.  My mom saw this and knew straight away why it was named that, apparently Farrah Fawcett used to wear something just like this.  I think it's so gorgeous and have been wearing it a lot lately.  I love that it's such a simple concept of just knotting a gold chain and doubling it over!

Those were my picks, now you let me know what you think!  And if you are interested in any of these pieces, head on over to the JewelMint site.  I also have a very special promo code, only for my lovely blog readers and subscribers!  To get 50% off your purchase, add the code TheStyleDiet50 and you will only pay $14.99!  This is a limited time offer and only available to you guys.

Stay Stylish!

Disclaimer: These items were kindly sent to me by JewelMint for reviewing purposes.  I was not paid for my review, nor am I affiliated with the company in anyway.  All opinions expressed are my own, and 100% honest as always :)

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