Jam Jar Wedding Centrepieces

I'm going jam jar crazy!!  How amazing is this wedding table, I'm seriously so inspired and in love with it right now!  This is exactly the kind of thing that I want for my wedding centrepieces!  I mentioned before that we are doing the little jam jar heart lanterns.  I was actually inspired by one that my sister Emma picked up at Powerscourt Shopping Centre in Dublin.  Now I have a different idea, these glass jars of random sizes look so cool and I have some other plans for the heart ones... 
This is what the heart ones look like...how cute?!  Anyway, Jonathan managed to find them online for a good deal (here).  I chose not to do flowers for the bridesmaids...and instead I think I'm going to do these!  I just think they're so adorable and the heart is really fitting for a wedding.  The wire makes them easy to hold and the bridesmaids will look so pretty with their faces all lit up by candlelight!  
This bridesmaid is carrying a far fancier and more expensive lantern but you get the general idea.  I think it will look so cute!  (I have four bridesmaids by the way :)  I am still unsure about my flowergirl, because she is only six and I don't want her to accidentally burn herself!  So we may have to figure that one out.  
After the bridesmaids are done, they can hang them in the trees - oh how sweet!  My wedding is at night (the ceremony starts at 6.30pm) so these lanterns will look amazing and light up the place in a really eco-friendly way, hehehe :)  
This is the terrace of our hotel where we are getting married and where the reception will take place.  I think the candles will fit right in!

Let me know your thoughts!  Are you into candles at weddings or are you more of a flowers girl?  Also, if you are planning your wedding in Ireland be sure to check out The Perfect Day for an amazing directory of vendors and Irish wedding professionals.

Stay Stylish!

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