Retail Therapy!

Today my mom took Erika and me out for a spot of retail therapy!  We actually hadn't even realised that there were huge sales going on everywhere - just our luck!  We ate lunch at the lovely Idaho Cafe, one of our favourite spots.
Erika got hot chocolate and waffles with bacon and maple syrup.  Yum!
I got a "bapino" with roasted peppers, brie and pesto and a black coffee.  I'm incredibly boring and always get the same thing -- hahaha!
We also saw these two men on Patrick's Street, at first I thought they were statues!! 
Now onto what I got...we first hit up Brown Thomas, who were having a 50% sale, where I picked up this amazing tie-dye maxi dress from Velvet.  It is super soft and the lining is...velvet!  I think this will be perfect for Italy with a pair of flip-flops!  I usually don't go for tie-dye designs but this one had caught my eye a couple of times and I think it's really simple yet beautiful.  It looks better on me cinched with a skinny belt like this navy blue one from ASOS.  

When we were in Brown Thomas we were served by the sweetest girl, Elainey who told me she reads my blog :)  Thank you so much for being so lovely and kind to us!! <3  It was so nice to meet you!
I also picked up some jeans from the Gap who were also having a 50% off sale -- these are the 1969 Always Skinny jeans.  I got the shorter 30L ones and they fit sooo much better than regular skinnies because they don't bunch at the ankles!  (I am 5'5" by the way.)  I absolutely love the fit of these!  They're very fitted without being uncomfortably tight, and the denim is pretty thick and great quality.  We also stopped by Primark/Penney's for some basics and I got two v-neck t-shirts, one in white and the other in black.  (Please excuse the oh-so-visible black bra in the first pic, haha!)

I'm really happy with everything I got...have you guys bought anything nice in the sales?

Stay Stylish!

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