Beach Day!

There's nothing better than a day at the beach with your loved ones!  Albi and Sina went swimming in the sea, and of course Sina took to it much quicker than Albi even though it was her first time.  We think it's because she's got longer legs than him...hahaha!  Poor little Albi always does this snorting thing everytime we attempt to get him to swim.  I don't think he likes it very much but they had fun all the same!  They also discovered that digging in the sand actually gets you somewhere (as opposed to digging in a sofa or the floor at home).  

We actually were on our way back to our car having totally forgotten to take any pictures when Sina decided to roll in some poo in the grass, so we had to go back and I dunked her in the sea again to wash it off.  Glamorous.  But at least we got some snaps!
Stay Stylish!

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