My Wedding Shoes!

I bought my wedding shoes!  A different style of dress calls for a different style of shoe too!  I am so much happier now that I changed my dress because it feels much more "me".  And so do these shoes!  I absolutely love them :)  They're Roland Cartier ivory satin 2" heels with a big bow on the front - and they match the dress perfectly.  
I also picked up these beauties in the Dune sale.  They were only €53 and are a taupe suede 2" heel.  I actually had spotted these a few months back and loved them but didn't get them thinking I'd wait.  One thing I noticed was that both of these pairs fit me in a size, what?  Did my feet shrink without telling me?!  Hahaha!  Usually I'm a size 5 (38) but for some reason the 4's fit me better.  Weird!

Anyway, I am so excited about my wedding shoes and I can't wait to wear them!  My sister Erika got the same Dune shoes to wear with her bridesmaid dress and we're thinking my other sister Emma might wear these too.  They have different dresses but I think it would look cute!

Stay Stylish!

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