Day One in Sorrento

What I'm Wearing: 
Navy blue dress from French Connection
Nude heels and clutch from ASOS
Earrings from Accessorize
Necklace from my dad

We are in Sorrento, Italy!  Yay!  We have actually been here since Monday but I took a few days off blogging and had pre-scheduled some posts from last week for you guys for the last couple of entries while we got organised here.  These pictures were taken outside our hotel on our first evening in Sorrento, when we went out for dinner.  Our hotel is AMAZING, it's right on the coast so the view from our room is spectacular and there is an outside pool on top of the building as well as a spa which we may make use of on the day before the wedding :)  Everything is so pretty here and of course the food & weather are amazing!  I'm so glad that Jonathan likes it - it's his first time in Italy so I was curious to see what he'd think! 

We met my mom, sisters and my brother and his family for dinner which was so exciting because I hadn't seen my niece & nephew for soooo long, and they are super cute!  (You can see them getting their little chef hats at the restaurant on our daily vlog, if you're interested!).  I cannot wait to see them in their little flowergirl and ring bearer outfits!  We also saw a sweet Maltese being carried by its owner in Sorrento, which made me cry because of course it reminded me of my babies Albi & Sina!  But I know they are being looked after extremely well and I couldn't be happier with the Your Pet's Best Friend dog-sitting service!  They have a Facebook page and a Twitter where they post pictures of them and update us on what they're doing several times a day -- I am so thankful for that! 

Stay Stylish!

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