My Prom (Debs) Pictures!

Here's a trip down memory lane!  So many people have requested that I show my prom pictures...well here they are, except in Ireland we don't call it prom - it's called the "debs" (short for debutante ball).  These pictures were taken in 2006 - I was eighteen!  A couple of things I should mention:

1. In case you haven't already noticed, my whole look was totally inspired by my favourite movie, Pretty Woman.  I used to be OBSESSED with that film and would watch it almost weekly!  So, this is my attempt to recreate Julia Roberts' look when she went to the opera with Richard Gere, hahaha!  I actually had my dress custom made and we ended up not doing the little off-the-shoulder thingies she had because they were too fussy.  It's not an exact replica of her dress but I did go all out and got some long white gloves which I sourced in a vintage shop!  

2. My hair and makeup were done professionally (I hardly even wore any makeup back then and had no clue how to style hair either).  I loved my makeup and hated my hair -- I definitely recommend going for trials if you're getting it done by somebody else.

3. I did have a really great time at my debs however the end was spoiled a little bit by my date (the boyfriend at the time).  It was nothing major, but basically he got really drunk, fell asleep at the table (yup) and then there was sort of an after-party at a bowling alley at the end of the night and he said we couldn't go.  So I went home early and missed a good time with my friends because of a boy, which sucks!!  So my advice to any of you who are approaching your prom/debs is to remember that teenage boys are usually pretty immature at that age and you will most likely have a better time if you go with your girlfriends.  Remember it is YOUR night, and it should be about you and your class/year!  So have fun and enjoy it :)

Watch the video where I share my prom/debs story here!

Stay Stylish!

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  1. Hey Anna I was hoping you could give me some advice. So I have a crush on this boy in one of my classes, I talk to him every day and i think he might like me too. He is super shy and will probably never ask me out so I want to try to ask him out or at least ask for his phone number. What do you think I should do and how should I do it? Please respond :)


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