White Pants

What I'm Wearing: 
Hello!Skinny Jeans c/o The White Door
Light blue button-down shirt by Tommy Hilfiger
Nude heels from ASOS (buy them here)
Beige Chloé Paddington handbag
Gold stud earrings from Accessorize
Gold Scorpio necklace which used to be my dad's
Gold vintage bangle from my sister 

Hair: Needs a trim...seriously.

I picked up my wedding dress today - yay!!  I was so happy with how it - fits like a glove!  Now I feel a lot better about it and that's one less thing to stress about.  While I was in town I also picked up the 3 Step Introduction Skincare Kit by Clinique in a last-minute effort to clear up my crazy skin.  I honestly have no idea if this will work, but a few people have recommended it to me and I'm hoping it will because at this point I'm kind of just fed up with the whole thing.  I feel like I haven't been doing anything differently yet it's been breaking out for weeks (pretty much since July).  I am told it's due to stress which definitely makes sense given the fact that my wedding is fast approaching!  Well, all I know is that if my skin was clear before all of this then it can freaking well behave for my wedding day, lol!  

Stay Stylish!

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