Already Autumn

What I'm Wearing: 
Leopard print cardigan from Dunnes Stores
Black top from Vila
Khaki pants from Primark
Black boots from ASOS
Black patent Appear watch from Phosphor
Handbag by Moschino

I've been wearing boots ever since we got back from Italy :( It definitely feels like autumn here in Ireland, which I wouldn't be so upset about if we had actually had a summer to begin with! Usually September is quite a pleasant month weather-wise but right now it feels a lot like October...I'm not ready to let go of my ballet flats, lol!  Hopefully the weather is nicer where you guys are!

P.S. Sorry about the water stain on my shirt, haha! I accidentally got some toothpaste on it when I was brushing my teeth...classy eh?!

Stay Stylish!

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  1. i think you have that "married glow" to you! you look fantastic!


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