Bagel Boo-boo!

What I'm Wearing: 
Cardigan c/o ApartStyle
V-neck tee from Primark
Faux fur shoe boots from River Island (last winter)
Khaki pants from Primark
Beige Chloé Paddington handbag
Fake pearl & gold earrings from Accessorize
Vintage gold bracelet from my sister
Gold scorpio necklace from my dad

We went to the Bagel Bar for lunch today and once again I was kind of bagel of choice has always been "The Veggie" which you can see on the website, it says is made with feta cheese, peppers, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, vinaigrette and sun-dried tomatoes.  Well it used to be made that way but the last couple of times I've been there I got NO sun-dried tomatoes, wth?!? They're the best part!! And today it was the same thing, except that this time there was no vinaigrette either! Grrr :( I don't get how you can put things on a menu and then not serve them, it makes no sense! 

Anyway enough ranting about food, lol.  I also re-designed my blog today -- what do you guys think? I'm still not finished yet though, I think I will add a few more things to the sidebar to make it easier to navigate and find stuff.  Let me know if you have any suggestions or requests!  I also updated my FAQ page.

Stay Stylish!

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