Our Wedding

I am so excited to finally share our wedding pictures with you guys!  We opted for a simple, laid back and intimate wedding in the south of Italy surrounded by family and friends.  Our goal was to keep it relaxed and unfussy and to enjoy lots of good Italian food!  We hope you will enjoy these shots as much as we did our big day!

Our day was everything we had ever dreamed or imagined it to be.  It truly was a celebration of happiness and excitement surrounded by only our closest family and friends.  We decided on Sorrento, Italy because my father was from Naples and we wanted to be close to him.  Sadly he couldn't physically be there, having passed away three years ago but his presence was definitely felt by everyone on our day.  

We picked the Hotel Bellevue Syrene for a beautiful outdoor space overlooking the bay of Naples.  Our blessing ceremony was held just before sunset, on the terrace of the Villa Pompeiana terrace.  Soft neutral shades, round tables, glass lanterns aglow with candles, white roses and the breathtaking views from the venue are what created an understated elegant environment.

Both Jonathan and I wanted great food and for all of our guests to enjoy themselves.  The hotel catering did not disappoint, serving some of the most delicious dishes we had ever eaten.  Stuffed zucchini flowers, gnocchi baked in a parmesan crust, tender beef, vegetable quiche and fresh fruit with vanilla ice-cream were served fresh from the kitchen.  The night ended off right with red velvet wedding cake and limoncello for dessert and sparklers on the balcony that lit up the dark.  

Wedding Planners: Sorrento Wedding In Style / Photography: Jonathan Joly (groom) and some of our beloved guests / Venue and Catering: Hotel Bellevue Syrene / Hair & Makeup: Anna Saccone (bride) / Videography: Jonathan Joly & Emma Saccone


  1. what a stunning bride you were! absolutely gorgeous! love your dress too (similar to mine, so of course I just love it!) congratulations to the happy couple!!


  2. Beauty!!!! What an amazing mother you are to your kids every single day! You are also such an amazing wife !!!


  3. I was watching your wedding video and I was asking myself if you two married in Italy and when I heard someone speaking in italian I was very surprised! I didn't know you have Italian origins! I am italian and I really love watch all your videos! Baci!

  4. Such a beautiful and elegant wedding. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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