Day Two

What I'm Wearing:
Brown cardigan c/o ApartStyle
Green 3/4 sleeve t-shirt from Bien Bleu
1969 Always Skinny jeans from GAP
Fur-lined shoe boots from River Island
Grey jersey fringed scarf from Accessorize
Freshwater pearl earrings from Sorrento, Italy

I am currently on Day 2 of the Juice Detox and it's going pretty well so far!  Day 1 was surprisingly easy...maybe because the juice is so yummy!  What I love about this is that you don't feel hungry or deprived in the sense that you're actually consuming lots of fruit & veggies and not just water or...air!  Jason Vale's book warned about headaches as a side-effect but so far I have not experienced any (yay!).  You will however crave "real food" on this detox, without a doubt.  Strangely enough both Jonathan and I are craving savoury things rather than sweet which is especially weird for me, being that I have such a sweet tooth!  But I could murder a sandwich, or a pizza, or even better Wagamama Veggie Yaki Soba...ugh!  I don't know why but we're both also craving Wagamama's for some reason -- that's totally where we'll be on Saturday (probably all day

One thing I did notice is that I broke out REALLY BAD this morning.  My skin was not perfect before or anything, and I definitely had a lot of bumpiness & redness going on especially on my forehead.  But it was as if Day 1 brought everything to the surface of my skin...apparently this is part of the clearing  & detox process.  I literally woke up with TEN new pimples on my face this morning...eek!  Horrible :(  I hope they go away soon!  

All in all though, I'm pretty impressed with this juice detox so far.  It's not as difficult as you might think, and even though you do get cravings I like that I'm never feeling hungry. I've also never consumed so much beetroot in my life, haha.  It makes my lips pink! :)

Stay Stylish!

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