Juice Boost!

What I'm Wearing: 
Oversized black & grey chunky knit top from Heatons
Black Kate jeggings from ASOS
Black suede Kooper mid calf boots from ASOS
Quilted bag from Love Moschino
Silver "Mumbai Bracelet" c/o JewelMint (50% off with promo code TheStyleDiet50)
Silver 14" name necklace c/o MyNameNecklace.ie

I picked up this top in Heatons two days ago and I think I got the last one!  I can't find it on the website either, but perhaps you'll have more luck in your local store.  I also just realised how faded my Kate jeggings are...I have had them for a few years, I kind of like it though!  Sorry there's no close-up of my boots but they need a good scrub, too many walks in the mud I think! 

My hubby is starting a three day detox juice fast tomorrow and although I will most certainly not be joining him, I thought I'd share a picture of what he'll be eating drinking these next few days!  Please try to ignore the crazy Halloween decorations that tried to sneak their way in...a bat in our fruit bowl?  Yes, well fruit wants to feel festive too sometimes so why not ;)

Anyway, if any of you are interested in following Jonathan's juice detox plan or if you want to join him he will be posting the shopping list and pictures on his Facebook page and also recording videos on his personal YouTube channel.  And once again, NO I am not taking part in this juice fast and NO I have no "secret plans" to lose weight as one commenter tried to point out.  I am perfectly happy with my body size/weight and am not trying to lead teenagers down the wrong path...geez!  I personally think it's great that Jonathan is doing this because he is the right person for it.  As somebody who never ate fruits or veggies before, he has come a long way and this is a huge step for him.  I am really proud and will be supporting him throughout the process!   

Stay Stylish!

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