The Mist

What I'm Wearing:
Blue round neck top from InWear
Bead & wooden belt from Anthropologie
Brown skinny leg pants by Cheap Monday from ASOS
Brown leather riding boots from Faith
Freshwater pearl earrings from Sorrento, Italy
Gold Scorpio necklace from my dad

I'm not sure but I think this is the first time ever wearing my Anthropologie belt...I think I just found it difficult to style with any of the other items in my closet for some reason, but now that I have worn it once I wonder why that was, haha!  I love it, my sister Emma gave it to me for my 22nd birthday and bought it when she was in Baltimore, MD.  Unfortunately we don't have Anthropologie in Ireland :(

We took Albi & Sina for a long walk in the mist yesterday and went back to our old "walkies" near where we used to live.  It's the best walk for them as you can let them off the lead and they get to socialise with other doggies, plus it's near the water which makes it much more enjoyable!  I don't regret moving out of our old place but I do love this area and would love to move back here sometime.  

Stay Stylish!

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