Rescue Shopping Trip!

What I'm Wearing: 
Black ribbed knit cardigan from Mexx
Sheer grey tank top from InWear
Kate black jeggings from ASOS
Charcoal calf boots from Dune
Silver 14" necklace c/o
Black patent leather Phosphor Appear Watch

So after stupidly slicing my finger while cutting a bagel into my hand (serves me right, I know...) I needed some retail therapy.  This is what I wore to a little impromptu shopping trip.  I will share what I got in a haul video sometime next week -- I just picked up some basics in Heatons but I'm really happy with what I got!  

Oh yeah, and for some weird reason the flash went off in the second picture and it made it look dark outside...strange!  

Jonathan bought a juicer yesterday and he made his first raw juice from apples & carrots today -- yay!  I'm so proud of him :)  (You can watch the video of him making it here.)  He hates fruits and veggies so this is the perfect way for him to get in his 5 a day.  Now he wants to do a juice detox and asked me if I would like to do it with, no way!!  I like food way too much to give it up!  But I might try some of his juice "creations", you between solid meals - hahaha!  I do think it's important to eat clean, raw fruits & veggies as part of a balanced diet though so I am making more of a conscious effort to include more of them in my daily food intake.  So far today I have had strawberries, an apple, blackberries, an orange, raw spinach and half a tomato -- I think that's pretty good, no?  Now if I could just cut down on the desserts...hmm, maybe next week ;)

Stay Stylish!

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